Thursday, July 18, 2013

Misunderstandings (#4)

This post was a collaborative effort between Nulli and I and combines several different twitter discussions. Confession time - I haven't worked on a collaborative project like this since high school English. It was interesting and rather nerve-wracking all at once. I don't always get into the flow immediately, tending to type, delete, type again, wander off, come back, read, groan, delete, and start over when I can't get what I want to say onto the screen. Poor Nulli had to suffer through that a few times, but this is what came from it.


Brian arrived at Nulli’s place with a bouquet of wildflowers in hand and what he thought was his best smile. She greeted him wearing an outfit that would have seemed plain on most, but with her, shorts and a stretchy top were almost erotic.

The way the fabric clung to her every curve, accentuating them, highlighting every dip and contour. He almost forgot to hand over the flowers as his gaze roamed over her luscious form. He cleared his throat. “These are for you. You look beautiful.”

“Thank you.” She took the bouquet and inhaled deep. “These are really pretty, and they smell nice.” She stepped to the side. “Please, come on in.”

He stepped across the threshold and watched her close the door. “I wasn’t sure what you’d like, so I got a variety. Those reminded me of a meadow, not a hothouse, so I went with these.”

“Good call. I’ll put these in some water. Have a seat, make yourself at home.” She crossed the living room with a relaxed gait. “Do you want something to drink?”

“Water’s good.” Brian sank down onto the comfortable cushions of her couch and looked around. He had to admit, the woman had good taste. Her furnishings were stylish, with small eclectic touches here and there. Not too many decorative items, nothing too feminine or masculine. “Just right.”

“What’s that?” She strolled over to him and handed him a bottled water.

“What? Oh, nothing, thanks.” When she sat down next to him, he held his breath, trapping her delectable scent in his lungs for as long as possible.

“You seem to be enjoying the classes, at least I hope you are.”

“Yeah, pretty cool stuff, but the MMA is my favorite.” Small tingles swept over his skin at the memory, and he purred.

“I kinda noticed. You do that when we spar.” She poked him in the ribs before nuzzling close. “Mmm, don’t stop. That’s actually kind of soothing.”

He wrapped an arm around her and pulled her against him. Her soft curls rested just under his chin, while the light scent of her shampoo tickled his sensitive nose. If she liked his purring, he’d give her all he had.

“You do it every time I get inside your block and land a punch. Did you always dream of being a pinata?”

Lately, I’ve been dreaming of more than that, kitten. “Not literally, but I do like your moves. It’s nice having someone take control who knows what they’re doing.” How would she feel about that? Was she hoping for some dominant, overpowering, asshole? Would she be able to make him submit to her in the bedroom? God knows he wanted to.

“I could tell you liked it. No one’s guard drops that much.” She tickled his ribs and let out a light chuckle of her own. “That’s why I got a surprise for you, but I’m not telling you what it is yet. I have a few questions.”

“Surprise?” How the hell was he supposed to answer questions with that lingering in his thoughts? What was she up to? What did she get him? Did it involve nudity?

“Questions first, surprise second.” Her tone was teasing, but firm. This wasn’t a question, it was a statement of fact.

Clearly, Nulli had no problem taking charge, and she didn’t have to lose any of her charm to do it. Oh, she’ll do just fine.

“Tell me about bobcats. What are your shifter dynamics?”

“You mean like a group or hierarchy of some sort?” She nodded. Brian separated one of her curls from the rest and twirled it around his finger as he thought. “Okay, well, unlike canine shifters, most cats are loners. We don’t have elaborate packs with rules and leaders and everyone knows their place and all that crap. We go where we want, when we want, prowling until we find our mates or choose to settle down in the human manner. The lions are the closest to having an organized group, but what do you expect? They’re lions.” He shrugged and started twirling another curl.

“I haven’t met any cats. If lion shifters are anything like actual lions, I don’t think they could be in a regular relationship. Must be every guy’s dream though. One or two males for a group of twenty to thirty females.” She rubbed her cheek against his chest when she shook her head. “So do bobcats like the prowling, or do they just do it to find a mate?”

“It depends. Every cat is different just like every human is different. Now, for me, personally? I enjoy a good romp as much as the next cat, but I’m also not averse to wearing a collar and settling down. Like a good kitty should.”

“I have to say, I find that surprising. You seem like the type to be a bachelor for life, especially in your line of work. Always traveling from one assignment to the next. You’re a nomad.” She reached up and pinched his ear with firm pressure. “Don’t wander too far away.”

“Never.” Brian winced but a low purr rumbled through his chest. “Just because I enjoy the prowl, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy settling even more. Even a stray yearns for a home. I’m more than just a roaming photographer, you know.”

“Is that why you’re still in town? Are you looking for a home, kitty?” She pulled on his earlobe and tilted her head back, flashing a devilish grin. “What does home look like for a bobcat photographer/cameraman?”

“I’m not sure what home looks like, ma’am.” He brushed his fingers over her cheek, awed by how soft and smooth her skin felt beneath his calloused fingers. He could give up endless nights of prowling to feel such silkiness. His eyes shifted towards amber, and his voice grew husky as he stared at her lips. “But I’m definitely liking what I see, right here, right now. You are a very beautiful woman, Ms. Nulli.”

She leaned away from him and pulled on his ear until his face was level with hers. “What’s with this ma’am and Ms. Nulli business? Are we about to negotiate the contract?” She’d managed to increase the pressure in her fingers, squeezing hard.

He tried and failed to stop his body from shuddering. The pain was exquisite, and sent a torrent of sensation over his scalp, down his chest, and straight to his cock. His claws eased from his fingers and began a rhythmic kneading on her shoulder as his purrs grew in volume. Damn, that felt heavenly!

“I’d sign a contract with you any time, Mistress.”

“Better.” She didn’t move away, but she eased off on the pinching. “So do you think like the wolves do in terms of mates? Do you think meeting that person is a coincidence, or do you believe in fate?”

“The wolves are short sighted in some ways.” His bottom lip poked out in a slight pout when she eased up on his ear. “They accept the first mate thrown their way, call it fate, and hope for the best. Cats are... finicky. We wait for the very best and then do all we can to claim them.”

“People are finicky too, kitty.” She squeezed down onto him again before sliding away from him, releasing his ear last. “So can I see it?”

“Hell, yeah!” Brian leaped to his feet and pulled the belt from the loops with indecent haste. He worked on the buttons of his shirt as he toed off his shoes, his purrs loud in the room.

“How fast will it be?” She looked curious, but also excited with her hands clasped together in her lap.

“Ma’am, it might be fast the first time, but I swear I’ll do better next time.” He tossed the shirt over the arm of the sofa, then tackled his slacks with shaking fingers.

She frowned and narrowed her eyes. “It doesn’t take the same amount of time each time you do it? Wolves shift the same way all the time. Is this a bobcat thing?”

His hands hovered on the band of his slacks as his purrs ceased. “Wait, what? Shift?” He took several deep breaths, muttered something, then gave a single deep sigh. “Yes, of course. Shifting. Um, I’ve only seen a few other bobcats, but you’re right. It’s a fairly routine thing.”

“Am I being rude? I wasn’t trying to make you uncomfortable. I just wanted to see your cat. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, Brian.” She patted the cushion next to her, inviting him to have a seat.

“No, no, it’s okay. Perhaps I should, um, stand behind the sofa? Because, you know, I have to get naked.” And I’m sporting an erection so hard I could carve an ice sculpture with it.

“Oh, yeah.” She laughed and stood up. “I’ll stand behind the sofa.” She turned her back to him and walked around the piece of furniture. “I’m used to my friends shifting. They just do it. But, then again, we’re all women, so it’s no big deal.”

“Friends,” Brian muttered, turning his back on the sofa and her gorgeous smile. Friends didn’t have to worry about things like winning the Hardest Boner Contest. “No big deal," she says. Right.

“Well, except for Elaina. She likes girls. The libido on that woman, Jesus! I’ll never forget the first time she jumped on me. How do you even prepare yourself for a naked wolf shifter to pin you to the floor?”

“I don’t know?” He choked out, holding his slacks in front of him as he fought the urge to mimic the unknown wolf. Somehow, he didn’t think Nulli would appreciate him taking care of things in her living room.

“That’s a day I’ll never forget!” She laughed. If she could see the state he was in... “Two of my other friends had to pull her off. She said something about me being in heat, or I don’t know what. But after that, everything was fine. I didn’t even know humans went into heat like that.”

“Sweet baby Jesus, can we change the subject, please? I can’t... I just... picturing you, with another female, naked, sweaty, and did I mention naked?” Loud purrs reverberated through the room as he clutched the slacks to him with a death grip. “May I use your bathroom, please?”

“Oh, sorry. I swim with those ladies. We usually have the locker room to ourselves because we go early. Um.” She side stepped her way from behind the sofa. “Bathroom’s this way.”

“Thank you, Mistress!” Brian practically ran to the bathroom, slacks firmly pressed against his groin. He slammed the door behind him and tossed the slacks into a far corner. Visions of Ms. Nulli’s exotic beauty, naked, wet, and pressed between him and the unknown female wolf, filled his head as he filled his hand with his painfully hard dick. “Holy fuck, that woman is going to kill me!”

Bracing his back against the door, he knew he wouldn’t last long. Her scent lingered on his skin, his ear still twinged with lingering pain. As he felt the rush of pleasure build, he gripped his ear between his claws. The familiar sting, so like Nulli’s pinches, sent him over the edge with a roar. Son of a bitch. Sliding down the door to sit on the cool tile, Brian panted from the intense orgasm. That woman is definitely going to kill me, but what a way to go!

“Damn.” He crawled to the dispenser and unrolled some paper to clean up his mess. “I doubt she’ll appreciate that.” After cleaning the floor, the counter, and the bathtub, he flushed the toilet, washed his hands, and splashed water over his face. When he caught the amber gleam of his eyes, his elongated fangs, and hint of whiskers, he groaned. “How the hell do I explain this one?”

He dried his hands, face, and wiped down the sink. Might as well try to make the best of a bad situation, right? Turning the knob, he opened the bathroom door and took the cowards way out. He shifted into his cat, and padded his way back into the living room.

“Brian! You’re--you’re--you look amazing!” She dropped to her knees and held out a hand. “May I stroke your fur? I’ve never touched a bobcat before.”

He walked over and stopped in front of her, rubbing his head under her fingers. She spread them, and pushed them through his coat. His body reacted instantly, and he purred loudly before falling down onto his side in front of her knees.

She rubbed over his spine and shoulders, tickled his belly, and played with his ears. Her every touch sparked a cascade of firing nerves, and he twitched and trembled. No one had ever touched his cat like this.

“I should probably go get your surprise.”

She got up and headed toward another room. He followed. Will there be more rubbing with this surprise? Please say, yes. When she walked through the door of what appeared to be her bedroom, he increased his speed. Oh, I like where this surprise is going!

The door closed before he could enter, and he pawed it while vocalizing his displeasure with loud mewls.

“It’s a surprise, Brian.” The sound of her laughter slipped under the door like a jovial specter.

He paced outside the door, seeking a way into the room it blocked. Along the bottom, there was a gap that allowed him to slide his paw beneath it and into the bedroom. He patted the floor, searching for her, with rumbling mews. When that got him nowhere, he sneezed and turned his front leg so he could grip the bottom of the door. With a growl, he tugged on the door, banging it against the frame.

“Brian Arcady, you will not throw a hissy fit in my house!”

He could hear her move inside the room. When she approached the door, she didn’t open it. Instead, a shiny metal object slid out onto the hardwood floor next to him. It jingled as it moved. Brian stared for a few seconds until he recognized what he was seeing. That’s a... Oh fuck yeah! Now this was an awesome surprise. His Nulli didn’t slide an ordinary object to him. This was a clamp, and it had a freaking bell! Oh my God, cathumansubheaven!

Moving it with his paw caused the tiny clapper to smack the sides, releasing a metallic jingle. His ear twitched. His tail swished. He purred and batted it away from the door. As it jingled along the floor, he crouched and pounced on the small bell. Once it was pinned beneath his paws, he batted it again. It took longer to return to the bathroom where he’d left his slacks, but it was much more fun than just carrying it there.

He shifted, and with a sigh, he emerged from the bathroom with his slacks riding low on his hips but a smile on his face. He rarely took the time to just play anymore. He definitely needed to do that again. After sliding the button into place on his slacks, he placed the clamp on his right nipple and tightened it. He winced. He purred. It had been far too long since he’d played like this.

“This is a wonderful present, Mistress.”

He leaned against the wall outside her door and played with the bell. The soft tinkling sounds filled his feline nature with the urge to play. How did she know? Was it really possible for her to choose something that would meet all aspects of his temperament at random? There was no way.

The door opened, revealing a smiling Nulli. She held up the matching clamp and rang the bell. “I’m glad you like it.” She didn’t blink, didn’t give him any indication of her intention. She attached the clamp to his left nipple with a precision he couldn’t have predicted, and walked past him. “I want to hear them ring.”

He swallowed, the pain of the clamps dulling to a low throb as he followed her to the sofa. Though he felt a bit silly shaking his torso, he wouldn’t dare disobey the lady in front of him. The more the bells rang, the more he wanted to play. The pain was exquisite, radiating from his throbbing nipples to his equally throbbing cock. He would drop to all fours and howl like a dog if she continued surprising him in such a way.

When he sat down next to her, she slid close. “So, Mr. Bad Kitty.” One warm hand traveled up his abdomen before her small fingers gripped a clamp and gave it a light tug. “Did you destroy my bathroom?”

“No, ma’am!” He was going to start drooling if she kept this up! He clasped his fingers together to keep from pulling her onto his lap. “Why, um, would you think that?”

She gave the clamp a gentle twist, still pulling it away from his body. “Oh, you know. I don’t think roaring is part of the shift. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong though.” She leaned in close and whispered in his ear. “I love learning new things.” The heat of her breath skimmed over his skin a moment before her teeth bit down.

“Oh.” Though heat flooded his cheeks, he started purring at the sting of her teeth. His fangs lengthened in response. “No, ma’am, roaring isn’t always a part of the shift.”

She bit just a bit harder, and released the first clamp to tug on the second. “Ma’am?”

“Yes, ma’am? It’s just,” he hissed as sensation flooded the abused nipple, “just polite. A sign of respect; very deep and absolute respect. And affection. And, oh God do you know what that’s doing to me?”

“My kitchen...” Another twist. “Is just through there.” She nodded toward the dining room. “Do be a good little cub and bring me a glass of ice.”

“Yes, Mistress.” He rose on shaky legs and stumbled to the kitchen. The brush of cloth against his painful erection was driving him crazy but he didn’t want to risk another trip to the bathroom so soon. She was already suspicious of his roars. He tried to talk his cock down, convince it to be patient as he searched her cabinets for a glass, but as the ice clinked against the sides, he dreamed of all the things she could do with the frigid cubes. His cock told him to fuck off, he was staying around.

He adjusted himself so his dick didn’t point the way back to the sofa, and handed the glass to Nulli with an elegant bow. “Your ice, Mistress.”

“Thank you.” She picked up a cube and held it to her lips, tracing them, making it melt against them until water coated her mouth. She locked eyes with him as she slipped the frozen water into her mouth before climbing into his lap. “Are they throbbing?” She looked down at the clamps and plucked one with a finger, making it ring.

“They aren’t the only things,” he muttered, staring at her lips. “I mean, yes, ma’am!”

She removed a clamp and a decadent rush of pain filled his aching nipple the moment the metal released his sensitive flesh. He exhaled, but stopped mid way when her cold lips and tongue latched onto his fevered skin.

“Yes!” He dug his fingers into the cushion, torn between the urge to growl and purr. He ended up doing both. Her lips and tongue were cold and soothing to his throbbing nipple; her breath heated the cooled skin. His blood rushed to his cock, leaving him panting and lightheaded at the combination of pain and pleasure. “More?”

She pulled back an inch. “I will decide when you can have more, kitty.” When she leaned in again, she grazed him with her teeth, raking them over the hardened nipple, and nibbling her way here and there.

“Yes, ma’am. I didn’t mean to presume...“ He kneaded the cushions, his purrs causing the remaining bell to jingle softly from the vibrations.

Nulli removed the second clamp with her teeth before holding an ice cube to his inflamed flesh. Before he could blink, she was at his ear again, biting down, teasing the shell of it. “Are you a bad kitty?”

“Maybe?” The icy trickle of water joined the other sensations that stirred his desire to a fever pitch. He risked touching the delicate human who knew how to play with both the cat and the sub sides of him, trailing the back of his clawed finger down the satiny skin of her arm. “Yes, I am definitely a bad kitty, because I want to do such bad things with you.”

“How bad?” She rose up onto her knees and switched to the opposite ear. That wasn’t enough for her apparently. While her tongue slid around the lobe, her fingers pinched down on a nipple. “Really bad?”

“Oh yes, very bad.” He ran his hands up her thighs, enjoying the play of muscle beneath the soft skin, to tease the bottom of her shirt. “I want to see if you taste as good as you smell. I want to feel those lips on mine. I want to stroke you until you purr.” His fingers slipped beneath the hem of her shirt and played along her waist, gently tugging her forward. “Will you purr for me, Mistress?”

He groaned as he closed the distance between them and captured her lips. They tasted so sweet and succulent, he wanted to drown in her. As his tongue explored her mouth, he freed his hand to sink into her tempting curls, holding her for his kiss. Then he started purring.

“That’s really not fair.” She spoke the words into his lips between the teasing tangles of their tongues. “I love the purring.”

“I’m so glad.” He nipped at her lip, sucking it into his mouth where his purrs vibrated over the swollen flesh. “I couldn’t stop if I wanted to.” He grabbed her hips, pulling her flush against his aching cock. The vibrations of his purrs were felt all over his body, and he used that fact shamelessly.

“God, Brian, I can’t even think.” She rocked her hips against him, her breaths shallow.

“Don’t think, Mistress,” he whispered in her ear as he matched her rhythm. “Just feel. Let me make you feel good. Use me for your pleasure.” He bit her ear, lapped at the reddened skin, then kissed his way down her neck with a groan.

He nibbled, licked, and sucked on the skin at the join of her neck until it was red and hot beneath his lips. The scent of her arousal drove him to abandon all reason. He captured her nipple through her shirt, purring around the tight bud between his teeth. Her whimpers of pleasure stirred his need higher, and he helped her grind against him.

She held his head in place, flush against her chest as she arched into him. “Why does it--feel so--good?”

He eased her top up her body, and tossed it aside. The bra followed quickly. Brian recaptured her taut nipple, laving it with his tongue as he suckled and purred around the hard bud. “Because you’re so damn perfect for me,” he muttered against her skin. Pinching the abandoned peak, he kissed his way up her heaving chest to the tempting join of her neck. She was eager. She wanted him. She was, indeed, perfect for him. As his orgasm surged forth, he sank his fangs into her tender flesh.

“You--you’re--” She shuddered in his grasp. “Are you--Oh my God!” She pushed at him and scrambled backward with an arm over her chest. “Are you trying to turn me?”

“Wait, what? No? Yes? Maybe? Why, don’t you want to?” Brian fought through the hazy fog of sexual satisfaction, blinking up at Nulli with confusion. “Wait. Why are you over there? What’s wrong?”

“Do you do this all the time? Do you just bite everyone like this?” She grabbed her shirt and pulled it on with force.

“Sometimes? I mean, not any human that doesn’t know what I am, but others? Yeah. I don’t understand. It’ll heal quickly. Shouldn’t even bruise much.” He watched her dress and his confusion only grew. What the hell was wrong?

“Oh. My mistake. I wasn’t aware that these kinds of bites were so common for you. You just mark and turn at will. Nice.”

“What the hell? No, of course it doesn’t work like that. You said you knew shifters, so you have to know that!”

“I do know other shifters. This is a very specific bite, Brian." She covered the small puncture wounds with a hand. "It’s not something meaningless that you give to every person you get naked with!” She picked up her bra and held it in her fist. “The girls told me they could never bite me or I’d turn. Oh my, God, he didn’t even...” She wasn’t looking at him, but the mixture of distress and anger washing over her face was clear as she scowled and paced.

“You really believe me capable of that.” The pain hit him hard, starting at his heart and stealing any remnants of joy from their encounter. “You really think I would turn you, or anyone, against their will? Yes, I bit you. Yes, I marked you, but you won’t turn. It was a mark of intent, a hope that someday-” He grabbed his clothes and started for the door.

“When were you going to tell me about this? You made the choice for me.”

“You have a choice. You always had a choice. I never took that away from you. But I guess all a  stray is good for is a bit of fun. Don’t worry. You won’t turn, and you won’t have to worry about this stray again. Mistress.

“A bit of fun? How the hell can you even say that when--forget it. Try not to mark anyone else on the way home.” She turned and walked into her bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Brian stared at her closed door. He knew he was crying. He felt the wetness on his cheeks, but the rest of him was numb. He couldn’t believe she felt he was capable of such a thing. Giving in to his need to flee, to run, to escape the destruction of his fragile dreams, he raced from her house, changing into his cat before the door clicked shut.


  1. you girls have been holding out on me!!!
    poor brian tho, he may have been exuberant in showing his affection but i think nulli should have listened to what he said too before thinking a bobcat's bite is the same as a wolf or other shifter ;-)

  2. Ladies I love you both but you were just mean. I am surprised that you would ever say anything like that to someone - especially a MAN who is obviously ernamored of Nulli and so confused by it he can't think straight.

    I think Misunderstanding was a good title and I really really hope you fix this between these two because I realllllly like them togetger.

  3. Awww, poor kitty. Yes, he got a bit ahead of himself there, but awww.

    Great job ladies :) Look forward to seeing where this goes next