Friday, July 19, 2013

Revelations (#5)

Another fun-filled collaboration with Nulli Para Ora (check out her site, read her stuff, really, it's good!), concerning the poor bobcat shifter, Brian. You'll get to meet some old friends in this one from the Fucking with Animal Planet series as the story develops. Enjoy!


Brian spent the next few days seeing clients and handling any outstanding business. There was one item he dreaded taking care of, but it had to be done. He wrote a letter to Nulli, detailing who her contact would be for the network should she choose to proceed with the show.

The words he typed were like daggers, severing the ties to the one thing he wanted most, but couldn’t have. By the time he was done, the feeling of loss crept up on him again, and sank into his muscles. God he missed her, her scent, her warmth, her laugh, those damned clamps, but she was out of his reach now.

He printed the letter, signed his name, stuffed it into an envelope, and sealed it. He placed a kiss on the outside before dropping into the outgoing mail, and left the tiny apartment for the last time.

He checked his bags and his tickets before heading to the train station. With the mood he was in, there was no way in hell he’d get on a plane. He needed some space, time to think, or to try not to think about the distance between him and Nulli.

No matter what he tried she invaded his consciousness and took over his dreams. He needed space to run as his cat, and there was one place he knew he could go without risk.

After a long train ride, he caught a cab and rode out to the countryside. He paid the driver, and watched him leave a dusty trail before he approached the house tucked into the woods. He sniffed, picking out the familiar smells of sex and bear before knocking on the door.

No answer.

He knocked again, and listened in in time to hear a soft groan and a loud grunt. At least someone’s getting some.

Killian answered the door, completely naked, dick glistening, and covered in a sheen of sweat. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“I need a place to crash, cool my head, maybe run a bit. Mind if a stray pays a visit for a few days?” A stray. How often had he said the word to her? I’d hoped those days were over.

Killian’s lips quirked into a smile, his dick twitched, and he pulled the door open and stepped aside. “Sure. I’ll show you where you can store your stuff. Hey, mate! Brian’s come to play for a while.”

He opened his mouth to correct his host then thought better of it. He didn't want to be tossed back onto his ass as quickly as he’d been accepted, but a romp with the handsome bear and his mate didn't stir him like it had before. Grabbing his bag, he followed the ass that provided many a wet-dream and heated fantasy but now just left him numb. It was a nice ass. It just wasn't her ass. And that was the problem.

The guest room was spacious and decorated like a hunting lodge. The large bed dominated the room, a four-poster with carved spinets depicting bears in various poses,  with a matching dresser and nightstand. Killian jotted down the information for the wireless network if he wanted to log in to the internet, told him where to find the spare towels, and extended an open invitation to join them in their room.

Brian went for a run, instead.

The hot sun on his fur and the cool earth beneath his paws gave him the focus he desperately needed, so he ran. He crossed streams, climbed trees, dodged traffic, and chased rabbits, but his thoughts always returned to her. Nulli. He stumbled and crashed to the leafy ground, sides heaving with exhaustion.

Closing his eyes, he pictured her once more, in his arms, on his lap, finding pleasure in his cat. Her taste coated his tongue and haunted his dreams. Her scent, her sighs, her moans. With a roar, he forced his feet beneath him and headed for the house. Dreams were nothing but fairy tales and pixie dust for a stray. She made sure he understood that.

Brian limped into the house, the pads of his paws bleeding from his long run. He shifted in his room, showered, then staggered to the kitchen for a glass of water. The sound of enthusiastic sex rang through the house, and he shook his head. The human wasn’t going to survive the full mating at this rate.

“Brian!” Melody sank into a chair with a sated groan and a large grin. In an effort at modesty, she wore a short silk bathrobe that revealed more than it hid. Her plump ass peeked from the bottom and her impressively large breasts peered through the widening gap in the front. The tie threatened to give up at any moment. “Good to see you again. How did things go with the network? Did they find a show to replace us, yet?”

“They’re keeping their options open.” He stared at his empty glass, debating how to word the questions that hovered in his mind. “Melody? I--”

“There you are!” Killian entered the room, hair wet from the shower and gloriously nude. He scooped his mate from her chair, sat, and placed her on his lap with grin. “Trying to corner our elusive bobcat, mate?”

“No, you silly bear. I know you’ll find this hard to believe, but some of us enjoy something besides just fucking like bunnies.”

“Say it ain’t so!”

Brian refilled his glass, his heart aching at their laughter and obvious joy. Perhaps coming here had been as bad an idea as hoping that he’d found a home? He drained the glass, washed and rinsed it, then set it in the drainer. Unfortunately, he couldn’t think of another place to go.

“Hey, Brian.” Killian’s deep voice was muffled by his mate’s neck and hair, but his piercing green eyes seemed to see through to the bobcat’s soul. “What brought you back out to the backwoods of nowhere? Couldn’t resist us for too long, huh?”

“I had some questions.” He turned and rolled his eyes with deep sigh. The robe lay draped over the kitchen table. The bear kneaded Melody’s massive tits in his huge hands as she rode his thick cock. “Oh, for fuck’s sake! Can’t you two stop fucking for five minutes?” With a mewl of frustrated disgust, Brian fled the kitchen and the lusty sounds of another round of joyful copulation.

Hours later, Melody found him on the patio mindlessly scrolling through websites. A pair of headphones covered his ears, and the crashing drums and screeching guitars of thrash metal made him wince but drowned the sounds from the inside the house. Her scent alerted him to her presence before she tapped his shoulder, so he tossed the headphones aside.

“Sorry about that in the kitchen.” Melody handed him a glass of wine, taking hers to a nearby lounge. “I don’t think Killian’s ever going to calm down. That man leads with his dick, and it’s always hard!”

“It’s okay. I did intrude on you during the honeymoon phase, so to speak.” He twisted the headphones cord in his fingers. “Melody, can I ask you something?” At her nod, he tossed the item aside and ran his hand through his hair. “What did you think when Killian first bit you? I mean, did you know about shifters? What about once you found out? Did you freak out, get angry, cry?”

“Whoa, wait a second. What brought this on?” Melody leaned forward, her loose dress holding onto her breasts with desperation. “Brian, have you found your mate?”

He sighed, and pulled a hand down his face. “You know how I was sent to help scout for a new show?” When Melody nodded, he continued. “Well, I met a fitness instructor who could work for something different, beyond the current network line up. She’s amazing.” He paused. His mind went back to the day he met Nulli as easily as breathing.

“We started dating, she knows some shifters, and she’s perfect. You’ll never find a woman who can tighten a clamp like...” He opened his eyes in time to see Killian walk out onto the patio sporting a smirk. “What?”

“Nothing. Keep going.” Killian’s upper body shook, as if he was holding his laughter.

“Fine. Whatever.” Brian turned back to Melody, who was at least paying attention. “Everything about her sort of called to me, you know? She likes my cat, and she likes me. At least she used to.”

Melody frowned. “What happened?”

“Things were going well. I kissed her, she kissed me. I pulled her close, took off her top, and I bit her. That’s when she freaked out.”

“Bit her where?” Killian’s expression changed to something more serious.

“You know where! I marked her, okay?” He raked his hands over his face a few times and leaned back. “And that’s when everything changed. She accused me of trying to turn her. That’s not even possible!” He looked to Killian again. “She said her wolf friends said they could never bite her or she’d turn.”

“Oh, Brian, I’m sorry.” Melody reached over and squeezed his hand.

“Then she got angry about me making a choice for her. How could she know what the bite meant, but think she’d be turned?”

Melody arched an eyebrow. “You never talked to her about wanting to mark her?”

“Well, no, but everything just felt right. I knew she wanted me just as much as I wanted her and--”

Killian snorted. “She wanted to fuck. Didn't mean she wanted to be your mate.” Killian held up a large, meaty hand, stopping Brian before he could start. “She is your mate, right?”

What the hell? His mate? He couldn't answer. He couldn't breathe.

Killian shook his head. “Do you smell her when she isn’t there? Hear her voice in your head when you’re supposed to be focused on something else? Can you taste her right now?”

“Holy fuck! She’s my mate...” Why hadn't he considered this? Well, he’d considered her as a possibility, but the reality was more profound than his speculation.

“Let’s backtrack here.” Melody released his hand and sat up straight. “You marked her without her permission, and thanks to some twisted information, she thought you were not only claiming her against her will, but trying to turn her too?”

Brian replayed the incident in his head for the thousandth time, every word, every expression. “Shit.” No wonder she’d lost it. “Well it’s too late now. I sent her a letter and packed all my stuff. No reason for her to contact me, and no reason for me to go back.”

“Bullshit.” Killian pulled Melody from the lounge, sat, and settled her on his lap. “You've got every reason to go back, cat. She’s your mate.”

“He’s right, Brian. I know how much I thought about Killian when we were apart. I’m sure she’s thinking about you too. You two have to fix this or neither one of you will be happy.” Melody took Killian’s hand and interlaced their fingers.

“I don’t even know what to say at this point. I pretty much finalized everything with her.” Brian’s shoulders slumped. Did he really end things with his mate? He was so fucked.

“So, tell us about her. What’s she look like? What else is she into?” Melody smiled.

Brian pulled out his phone and scrolled through his photos to a picture of him with Nulli at the gym. He passed the device to Melody, trying hard not to stare at the screen.

“Oh wow, she’s--”

Killian interrupted and pulled the phone out of Melody’s hands. “She is a woman! Damn, Brian, I expected you to mate with a man. At least a couple because it’d be a shame to lose that purring of yours. So, that’s her? This is your mate?”

“Yeah, why?” Was he about to say something bad? He’d better not. Bear or no, he wouldn't let anybody bad mouth her.

“Hell yeah! Bring her with you next time. Has she ever been with a bear?” A grin formed on his lips and he snuggled his mate closer. “Or a woman? I’d pay to watch her with my Melody.”

“Killian!” Melody rolled her eyes.

“Look at her, mate. We could have a lot of fun with this one. All that hair, and those tits aren't bad either. Not like yours, mate, but few are. Yours are things of beauty and perfection that should be worshiped daily.” He swiped a few pictures over and found one of Nulli in a ballet pose. “Oh fuck me running, she’s bendy! Bendy, twisty, flexy. C’mon Brian, you've gotta bring her down here. Do you think she--”

“Will you stop having phone sex with my mate? Jesus!” Brian snatched the phone from Killian and sat back down. “I’m not bringing her here for you to maul her. She’s a beautiful woman, not a living sex doll.” What was this possessiveness? When did he become that guy?

“Seriously? Well, that fucking sucks. Lots to be said for being adventurous.” He slid his hands into Melody’s top and cupped her breasts with a happy rumble. “Still, we need to get your skinny feline ass back up there to fix your shit.”

“Yeah, but I pretty much severed all ties to that area.” He rose and paced the small patio, ignoring the rising scent of desire. “I can deal with the clients via video conference. I passed her information on to the Programming Department of the network. I even closed out my lease early.”

“You are one stupid cat.” Killian shook his head, nudging Melody’s top from her shoulders so it pooled at her waist. “You already have a reason to go back, the rest is fluff. Since you lost your mind somewhere along the way, you definitely need a plan. I think I can help you there.”


  1. YAY I hope you guys find a way to fix Brian and Nulli - with some adventures along the way of course :-)

  2. Sooo funny! Loved it that Brian is totally clueless and that you used Nulli as his mate. Killian and Melody are such insatiable mates and I love the primal passion of their coupling.

    Hope Brian gets his mate!!

    1. lol Nulli claimed him. The purring did her in :)