Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Brian Arcady, Introducing the Stray (#1)

On the Prowl is a continuation of Fucking with Animal Planet, following the bobcat shifter, Brian Arcady. It occurs after the conclusion of that story, on this blog as well as on Twitter, and involves PNR Author, Nulli Para Ora. Follow the twitter handle @b_arcady to keep up with this cat's antics.


Brian prowled the small woods, running off his turbulent emotions. After the mind-blowing experience with Killian, his mate, and the handsome team lead, Terry, of the monster chasing program, he had hoped to continue things with Terry. Unfortunately, the man had closed up tighter than a nun on Sunday. He had politely, firmly, and with a hint of shame, declared that he was definitely not gay and wanted nothing more to do with him.

Fucking straight males. It’s okay to experiment when there’s a set of tits involved but get them alone and it’s back to their suppressed sexuality. Roaring with frustration, he ran the perimeter of the wooded area, noted landmarks, and marked his path. A rabbit fell to his powerful jaws, and he dined on the creature as he contemplated his future.

He needed to contact the security company to ensure they received his business proposal, track down the fitness instructor for the network, and check on his speaking engagement at the end of the week. He cleaned his paws and wondered if the instructor was male or female. Would he, or she, be interested in some fun while he was here? Should he even try given his last spectacular failure? Stretching in the fading light, Brian retraced his steps back to his rented apartment. 

He filled his first day in town with things he despised the most: meetings. Why did humans have to have a million meetings about every little thing? Did they consult with each other on how to change the lights or when to use the toilet? On top of that, his speaking engagement had cancelled him due to overbooking and he had been unable to get in touch with the fitness instructor. Could one person truly spend that many hours in a gym every single day? 

That left him with just one option... he was going to have to catch her after a class.


Brian attended the presentation given by his client, but his mind had wandered off. It was focused on a rich earthy scent with a delicate hint of flowers, tight curls bound into a veritable waterfall that tempted his fingers to see if they were as soft as they looked, a toned and trim body encased in sinful spandex, and lips that beckoned his for a taste. Ms. Nulli was more than just a potential television star; she also tempted his cat in surprising ways. He was scheduled for one of her classes that afternoon. If the lights hadn't flickered to life in the small conference room, he’d have started purring.

He left the meeting with unseemly haste once it had ended, excusing his speed with another appointment he dared not miss. His client wasn't pleased but understood. A freelancer crammed as much into each day as they could in order to stay solvent. It provided little time for the social niceties. Brian flagged a cab to the gym, and contemplated changing in the car. One look at the driver removed that thought. Some people had no sense of humor.

The class was exhilarating; Nulli was better. The way she moved, her stamina, that tight lycra outfit... damn that woman could throw a punch! He purred when she did it; he purred now as he thought about it. He didn't know what it was about her, but he was eager to see her again. 

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