Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Purr-fect Prey (#3)

This is a guest post by Nulli Para Ora, inspired by a description of purring while touching, kissing, or doing other naughty things. Bobcat shifter, Brian Arcady, has his eye on the author and has recently discovered she has a thing for his purrs. She wrote this excerpt and sent it to his email after their discussion.

Red-orange light kissed the horizon as I hiked the trail. I wiped my forehead with my bandanna, whisking away the sweat of a hard climb on a muggy day. A gust of wind sent hot air, dust, and the scent of dried leaves washing over me, but I pressed on. I'd be at the cabin soon.

A quiet snap in the trees stopped me. I searched the darkening forest, unsure if the play of light and shadow masked something or amplified the deep recesses of my imagination. Another warm breeze, a bird call, and then silence.

I continued, but with a brisk pace.

That's when I saw it. A flash of dappled gold. I ran, it pursued.

My lungs burned, my legs protested, but I had to make it to shelter. I didn't look back, I couldn't. I'd lose ground. The oak timbers of the log cabin loomed on the hilltop ahead. Almost there.

A weight landed on my back, and in a flash claws and teeth ripped through my back pack, shirt and shorts. I turned over, ready to fend off the beast.

A pair of forepaws rested on my shoulders as honey-colored eyes locked with mine. I was defeated. "Damn it!" The creature had won, and there was nothing I could do but accept my fate.

Paws and fur receded to reveal a man, a smiling man. A naked man. "I told you. I'll never let you make it to that cabin with your clothes on."

"I was close!" The remnants of my shorts and T-shirt lay scattered around me, and I squirmed beneath his firm grip, heart racing, chest heaving, legs tensing. "I missed you."

He inhaled over me and smiled wider. "I can tell. You smell amazing." He leaned in and dragged his teeth over the joining of my neck and shoulder before kissing a path down my chest. I felt his purr before I heard it, vibrating through his lips and tongue, making me so wet I could drown him in my desire. By the time he parted my thighs, I was dizzy with need. "Oh damn, kitten!"

Was it a warning? I don't know. I didn't care. The heat of his tongue traveled through my folds, rough and firm. He lapped at me as if I was serving  him a bowl of milk from my center. I gripped his hair in one hand and a tuft of grass in the other, ripping the blades from the dirt when he nibbled and teased my lower lips. He was drawing this out, the cocky bastard. "Let me come, damn it!"

His face filled my vision in an instant, his features hard, his eyes still amber-hued. He didn't speak, he simply thrust into me hard and deep, stealing my breath, rocking my body, claiming me. "Shit!"

I squeezed around him with each advance and dug my heels into his thighs while my nails raked down his back. His grunts and moans pushed me closer, but when the tremors of his purrs bounced through my chest and over my nipples, I was done for. The reverberations moved over him as well, until I was acutely aware of them in his thick cock. "Oh... fuck..."

His teeth sank into the old bite marks he'd placed near my neck, but the pain mixed with the lush chaos of my orgasm. I bucked against him. He rutted against me, teeth elongating, fur sprouting, claws emerging. I held on, kept him close, anchored him to me, keeping as much of the human part of him for myself as I could. If he shifted all the way, we'd be at this all night. The man was an eager lover, but the beast was insatiable.

After long minutes of rhythmic strokes, his movements turned erratic, his hold more intense. He roared his release, sending unseen creatures scurrying across the ground, and birds into the air as he jerked inside me.

We lay locked together, gasping, panting, swearing, deifying, until he lifted me from the ground and carried me into the cabin.

Once we were inside, he spoke, his voice still deep and heavy. "Welcome home, kitten. No more business trips for awhile, okay?"

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