Thursday, July 25, 2013

Collared Freedom (#8)

So, by the time Nulli and I are done with this story, we will both be giggly and insane. There were times when the typing had to stop due to laughing too hard to see the keys. We find humor in the strangest things. Also, if you're not stalking Nulli Para Ora, run over to her site and do so!

Brian walked into Nulli’s house with a smile on his face and a lightness in his step. He still didn't have the steady job he wanted, but had managed to land a spot at the electronics expo discussing the pros and cons of infrared and motion sensitive cameras. Though the field was dominated by the larger corporations, few small businesses could afford the all-inclusive packages they insisted upon. That gave him the advantage in an area with a greater number of independently owned businesses. The expos provided great exposure which always led to at least a few local jobs. This gave him more flexibility, and allowed him to stay in town instead of leaving to chase the next assignment.

Though he loathed the idea of having to leave his mate for any stretch of time, he hated the idea of potentially mooching off her even more.

He sniffed the air as he moved farther into the house. Her scent lingered, a comforting reminder of her. Her car wasn’t in the driveway when he pulled in. “Work ‘em hard, kitten.” He grinned as he imagined her in front of the class. He still attended as many as he could, but with work options, his schedule wasn’t as open.

Since she wasn’t there, he had time to whip up a pot of soup. Nulli had been more tired than usual, and Brian figured eliminating one thing from her to do list would help.

An hour later the front door opened and in walked Nulli. A small frown pulled her eyebrows down and crinkled the skin between them. She moved slower, and dropped her backpack next to the door.

“Kitten? What’s wrong?”

“Hey. I think I’ve caught a cold.” She reached into the closet, pulled out a jacket, put it on and zipped it up to her neck before sneezing several times. “Is the air on in here? It’s freezing!”

Brian stood and moved to her, rubbing the outsides of her arms to warm her up. “Yeah, the air’s on. It’s 97 degrees outside.” When he took her hand, it was much colder than normal. “Let’s get you in bed.”

“Okay. Can we turn on the heat?”

He shook his head. “No, my mate, we are not turning on the heat when it’s almost 100 out. I’ll keep you warm.”

“I think I’ll take a hot shower first.”

He took her shower as an opportunity to ladle some soup into a bowl for her, and placed it on her night stand.

Nulli showered and dressed in the steamy bathroom. When she emerged, she was wearing pajamas, a sweater, socks, and a scarf. “Okay, I’m ready to pass out.”

The skin of her face and hands was red, and he sighed. “Did you use any cold water at all?”

“No.” She looked at him like he was crazy and clutched her sweater tighter.

He got her settled, gave her some medicine, and snuggled up behind her. She relaxed into him, but he felt her tiny shivers. “You should probably eat now. All you’ve had was that energy bar before you left. How many classes did you teach?”

“Three, and I’m not hungry.” She pulled the covers over their heads.

“I made some soup. Don’t they say you have to feed a cold?” He rubbed her shoulder and placed a small kiss near her ear. “Will you eat something for me?” A bit of purring for good measure, and he chuckled when she tried to push away from him. “Uh uh, kitten. Nonnegotiable.”

“Fine. I’ll eat a little.” He was about to release her when she jumped up. “I almost forgot!” She rushed out of the room and down the stairs.

Brian was steps behind her, hissing with irritation. “That’s not resting, Nulli. Dammit, woman, come back to bed.” When she ran to the car, he nearly picked her up over his shoulder. If she thought she was going anywhere else in her condition, she’d better think again.

She didn’t get into the driver’s seat, and instead, popped the trunk and pulled out a box. “I’m going, I’m going!” She walked back up the stairs and handed him the box after they returned to the bedroom. “I had this made for you.”

He settled her back under the covers before opening the box and losing his ability to breathe. Inside was a gorgeous collar made of supple leather strips woven into an intricate braid. He lifted the collar from the cloth and ran his fingers along the edges. The light reflected off some engraving on the large silver ring at the front. A closer look revealed his name etched into shiny metal.

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he struggled to contain his emotions. Did she know what this meant to him? What it represented? “Are you certain, mate?” He didn’t want to ask, didn’t want to give her the opportunity to take it back, but he had to know. “I mean, it’s beautiful and I love it and you’re wonderful and amazing but are you sure?”

“I’m sure.” She huddled into the blankets, eating soup and looking more beautiful than anyone should be allowed to. “Put it on whenever you are sure.”

“You’ve given me so much.” He scrubbed his tears from his cheeks, only to have them replaced with more. “I’ve given you nothing but some wildflowers. You humble me, mate. I wouldn’t feel right putting this on. Will you place it around my neck, Mistress?”

“Of course.” Nulli set the bowl on the nightstand and eased the collar from his grasp. He leaned down so she could settle it snugly but comfortably around his neck and fasten the buckle. “Looks good on you, kitty.”

He gathered her into his arms and buried his face into her neck. Nudging aside the scarf, he rained kisses along her smooth skin. “It’s beautiful. You’re beautiful. Thank you, mate. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

The collar felt heavy and bulky and wonderful around his neck. It felt like home. She’d taken things to the next level without fear. Now he’d have to focus on being worthy of all she was.


When Nulli left for the gym that morning, Brian left shortly afterwards. He stopped by a few stores, spending some of his savings on some supplies before heading to the expo. Though he was speaking on a panel at the end of the week, he had managed to obtain a paying position by setting up the cameras in each of the conference rooms. It wasn’t much, but it helped to supplement his income. He hoped the conference proved lucrative. He didn’t want to dip further into his emergency funds.

Once the cameras were in place and programmed, with a few modifications, he returned to Nulli’s house for a special project. He pulled the supplies from his trunk, stuffed them into a waterproof leather bag, and carried them to a special place in the woods. He spent hours preparing his supplies, creating the intricate weave from the leather strands to form the rigid handle. The leather was coated with oil and wax until they were supple and smooth, but tough. It stung. It bit. It was perfect.

He sat it in the sun, letting the warm rays bake the wax and oils into the leather, then turned his attention to the next item in his pack. It had taken him several trips to find the right location, trees the correct distance apart. He wrapped cloth around the sturdy limbs. Rope followed, knotted skillfully to keep them from splitting the wood. He created loops on each end, tested them. He purred. It was ready.

Rushing back to the house, he checked the time. Just enough. He gathered a basket and filled it with all they would need, then grabbed a few things from the bedroom. Yes, this was everything.

A pad of sticky notes provided the clues. One on the door. One in the kitchen. One in the bedroom. One on patio door. They led the way down the trail and into the woods. At the first intersection, he placed another sticky note attached to one bell clamp. It told which turn to take. At the second, another clamp, another note, another guide. Just at the edge of the trail, he left his final note with the basket. Once she cleared the woods, she would be able to see him.

He stripped off everything but his collar, attached the strap around the base of his hardening cock, and covered his eyes with the blindfold. He paced until he heard her car in the drive. Praying she enjoyed her surprise and her gift, he looped the rope around his wrists and ankles, and waited for his Mistress.

His sensitive ears picked up her hesitation before the front door closed. She had found his first sticky note. He strained to keep track of her inside the building and so far away. Her sweet voice called his name, and he smiled. She would either find his notes amusing or aggravating. He wasn’t certain which he preferred.

Brian knew the instant she saw the second note in the kitchen, the one that told her to go to the bedroom and change. He had laid an outfit on the bed. It was black, stretchy, and would cling to her beautiful body like a second skin. He hoped she’d wear it. The strap around his dick felt tighter as he imagined her in the slinky dress, and he almost missed the sound of the patio door sliding open.

Her steps crunched along the path, pausing when she reached the first note. What was she thinking? The bell attached to the clamp jingled and his heart hammered in his chest. She was so close, but still not close enough. She said something too low for him to hear at the second note, but rang the tiny bell. His cock throbbed against his abdomen while his breath came in gasps. The waiting was delicious torture.

Her scent drifted to him on a breeze when she reached the basket. He knew the contents well - a blanket, glasses, chilled bottles of water, fruit. Things he hoped she’d like. His hands slipped on the ropes as his nerves threatened to take over. What if she still felt too poorly to play? What if she found the whole idea ridiculous? What if she left him there?

And then she was there. Next to him. He purred.

He heard her stop just behind him. Felt her, almost. Her breath on his back. Her scent driving him crazy. He heard her footsteps as she walked around him. He preened; he purred. She was inspecting him. He hoped he lived up to her expectations.

He hissed when she touched him. Brief touches, barely felt and gone before he could press for more, across his ass, along his thigh, teasing the length of his bound cock.

When she picked up the flogger, he whimpered in anticipation. She snapped it behind him, then he heard it strike flesh. Her flesh. The strap around his dick was all that kept him from coming at her sharp intake of breath. The scent of her arousal was strong. He was going insane.

A warm tongue brushed his nipple, pulling a groan from the depths of his soul, followed by the sharp pain and jingling sound of one of the clamps. She tightened it until he cried out, then soothed it with her tongue once more. He gasped for air, trying to ride the pain until he found the pleasure, and heard her steps.

She circled him again and dragged the supple strands of the flogger over his chest and across his shoulder. He tilted his head back, filled with the heady scent of wax, leather, and his mate. The flogger brushed the top of his ass, his hip, and the tip of his weeping cock as she completed her circuit around him.

The strands tickled his stomach as they travelled up from his aching dick towards his throbbing nipple. The bell jingled as the leather disturbed the tight clamp and made him hiss in exquisite pain. She draped it over his shoulder, caressing him with the soft leather as it travelled up his neck to his lips.

“Kiss it, kitty.”

He moaned at her words and hastened to comply. His lips brushed over the strands as his purrs threatened to send the birds from the trees. It was in that moment, that perfect still moment, that she attached the second clamp. The strap prevented the orgasm that was clawing to be free. His balls ached. His cock throbbed. His nipples screamed in protest.

“Thank you, Mistress,” he gasped. The pain was exquisite. He wanted more.

Once again she stalked around him. Her steps were controlled, even, calm. Perfect. “Did you make this, Brian?” The leather straps played out a soft sound as they dragged against something. One of the tree trunks? No, it was too quiet for that.

Fabric? Oh fuck, was she dragging it up her body? “Y-yes, Mistress.”

“Very nice, kitty. It has a good weight to it. Just the right amount of straps too.” Those very same straps seemed to cut through the air at a rapid clip.

He braced himself for the impact. It never came.

The sound continued as a light whirring. Is she twirling it? He wouldn’t have a chance to figure it out. The rope at his right wrist tightened, then at his ankles and the other wrist in turn. “Did you think I’d let you escape, cat?”

Damn, she’s good!

Before he could answer, warm wetness slipped up his side. He knew that particular part of her well. She used her artful tongue on him many times, and as always, it never ceased to create tingles all over his skin.

She left a cooling path over his ribs and to the clamp before plucking the bell. The pain radiated down his arm until she removed the metal vise and nibbled him with her lips. The leather straps returned, barely touching his left thigh before disappearing.

When the leather returned to him next, it was with a sting. Her rhythm was immediate, flogging his side with just the right force. She gave him enough to feel the bite, produced just the right amount of thud, and moved down to his hip at the perfect moment.

His side heated to burning, his skin was probably red and angry, but he’d never felt more alive or more free. And he sure as hell never felt this hard or ready to explode.

Just when he thought he’d bite through his lip if she struck him once more, she was gone.

His flogged flesh throbbed, so sensitive, he was aware of every breath, the way it stretched the tissues below, how the muscles were engaged. He ached a little in those places, but he wouldn’t trade the sensation for anything. But where was she? What was she doing?

He got his answer when she dragged the wet handle of the flog across his lips. He inhaled deep and almost broke through the strap around his cock. He scented the leather, sure, but the rest? That was her. All her. Her nectar coated the material, and left a slight streak on his skin.

“Sweet baby Jesus!” He strained forward for another heady dose of her scent, but it was gone. He lapped up every drop of her moisture that he could reach, growling and purring with each swipe of his tongue. “I want more, Mistress. Please, may I have more?”

He sniffed again, seeking her out both in shock of the action she’d taken and desperate for more. He strained against the ropes and grit his teeth when the leather straps teased the head of his cock.

The muscles of his belly tensed along with his legs as the climax he needed rushed forward once again, only to be denied an exit. He bit back the curses seeking freedom from his lips, just in time to feel the sting of the flogger on his opposite side. This time, she traveled toward his back, and spent time doling out her delectable brand of attention to his ass.

When she stopped, she smoothed a hand over his inflamed skin. Her touches were feather-light as she moved over his hip. She reached around and gripped his shaft. Was she going to let him come?

She pumped her hand slowly, holding with firm pressure. His entire body jerked, still on the perpetual edge of climax.

She released him, and teased his lips with the handle once more. This time, it was even more wet.

She pulled it away. This time when she used it, he could hear the action. But she was silent. Why was she silent? Good God, she wanted him to hear it!

“Fuck! Do you know how sexy that sounds? May I watch you? Hear you? Help? Taste? God, I’m going to explode any minute now.” His claws scratched at the rope, but he knew his temptations. He’d bought sturdy rope just for this reason. It would take him weeks to shred his way free.

“Shh, kitty. It has to be nice and wet.” He felt the heat of her behind him a moment before she ran her fingers down the length of his aching dick. And then he felt the handle of the flog.

“Are you really? Is that why you...? Oh, yesss...” Brian hissed as the flogger slid between his cheeks. He was torn between pressing his dick further into her hands and pressing his ass onto the woven handle of the flogger. His claws shredded a few more strands of the rope, and the tree limbs creaked as he strained to get closer to whichever promised him the orgasm he so desperately needed.

He was vaguely aware of her removing the last clamp as she pressed the stiff handle deeper. Getting fucked in the ass wasn’t a new experience, but getting fucked in the ass by his mate with his handmade flogger covered in her juices? There had to be an award for that. Fuck yeah, he’d wear it, too! It’d hang front and center on his tie, like a tie-tack. Or he’d hang it on the wall in a place of prominence so guests could Ooh and Aah over it. Hell, he’d even dangle it from his dick, if she’d keep surprising him like this.

She alternated between deep thrusts and shallow, teasing the end of the handle against his prostate. Was there a training for this? Did she get her masters in how to drive your shifter mate batshit crazy? Did she stay after class to practice? Were there tutoring sessions? Sororities?

His mind reeled between the intense pleasure and the lingering pain slowly dissipating through his body. Then she did something new. She yanked him back by his collar.

“Who’s my kitty?”

“I am, Mistress!” The collar bit into his throat. It wasn’t enough to choke him, but it did alter his breathing enough to make his desire rocket through the solar system to lodge somewhere past the edge of the universe. “I am most definitely your kitty. And this kitty is tired of playing.”

Brian gripped the ropes and pulled. The trees creaked and swayed but held firm. A second pull and he felt the rope slip down the limb, the pops and snaps as it stripped it of its leaves and small branches before giving him enough slack to free his hands. The blindfold flew into the trees the moment his hands were free.

His first look at his mate stole the breath from his body. The dress looked even better on her than on the mannequin. The asymmetrical skirt of the lace dress teased one of her toned thighs then draped lower to brush against her other knee. She wore thigh-high boots in polished patent leather that matched the corset that cinched in her waist, cupped her breasts, and hugged her hips. She was mouthwateringly beautiful, sexy, and all his. He stepped forward to scoop her into his arms... and almost fell flat on his face. He’d forgotten the ankle restraints.


He made swift work of the ropes securing his ankles as the heat of embarrassment crept over his face. That was not his brightest, most shining moment. As he rose onto his knees, he scowled at the amused smile on his mate’s lips. Before he could climb to his feet, she grabbed the ring of his collar and pulled him up. He had to rise onto his toes to keep the collar from digging into his neck.

“Not so graceful when you get tired of playing, are you, kitty?”

“No, ma’am.” He swallowed hard. His legs shook as he held himself on his toes, but he dared not pull away. He didn’t want to. “Grace must fall in the face of such beauty. Or something. I read that once; thought it fit.”

“Did you break free to quote lines from a book?” She raised an eyebrow and pulled him closer by his collar. Her scent surrounded him, gentle waves of heat pulsed off her, and damn, those boots made her tall.

“No, ma’am. I broke free to do this.” He cupped the back of her head and closed the distance between them. As his lips crushed hers, he groaned, growled and purred. She always tasted so damned good. He tugged her closer until the cool leather of her corset brushed his chest and the lace tickled his bound cock. “You are amazing.”

He scooped her into his arms, thankful she had spread the blanket nearby. Gently laying her upon it, he nipped her lip then sat back to gaze down at the woman who claimed him. Lean, muscular legs that could damn near outrun a shifter, trim waist, beautiful breasts he could lick and tease for hours, luscious lips, and her glorious hair. Damn. She was beautiful.

“Mine.” Growling, he sliced through the laces of the corset with his claws and tossed it... somewhere. As he kissed his way up her thigh, he inched the lace dress to her waist. He needed more than the teasing hint of her delicious taste she had given him.

Only, she didn’t give him that chance. She grabbed his collar, pulled him up her body, and placed a series of small kisses up his neck before whispering in his ear. “Mine.” That’s when she gripped the flogger still buried deep in his ass, and set to work.

“Holy shit!” He pressed back against the thrusting flogger, falling into rhythm with a growling purr. “God, kitten, I hope you’re ready for me, because I can’t wait another second.”

Nudging her legs apart, he sank into her warmth and nearly lost his mind. She embraced his desperate cock like a gentle fist, caressing him with every thrust. When he withdrew, the flogger pressed into his ass and scraped against his prostate like it had a homing beacon. He growled. He purred. He was certainly going mad, for there was no way anyone could survive such ecstasy with their sanity intact.

He gripped her shoulder with his teeth, holding her in place for his erotic assault. He draped her legs over his forearms, opening her to his body, his gaze. His dick protested the extra stimulation of the sight of their frantic coupling. It wanted to come. It begged to come, but he refused to release the band before his mate found her pleasure.

So he fought every instinct and focused on her face, the tiny reactions to his movements, the grip of her left hand on his wrist. She’d surprised him before, gaining his submission and his trust. He could have lived with that for the rest of his life and died a happy bobcat. But no, his mate had more in store. She met all of his needs without hesitation and without judgment. She didn’t question his eagerness to have her explore him. She indulged in it, wielded it like an artist’s brush. She met his feral nature head on, and proved her imagination to be his epic wet dream come true.

The small frown on her face told him everything he needed. She’s close. He thrust harder, shaking her breasts, pulling vocalizations from her throat that made his own toes curl, and losing himself in the addictive aroma of her scent.

He reached between them and thumbed her clit. The flog stilled, her hands gripped the blanket, and she arched up in time with calling his name. He didn’t waste a second removing the tie and gripping her tight. He was with her in a heartbeat, exploding, jerking, swearing, clawing the material beneath them. For the first time, he couldn’t even roar his release.

He hovered over her, recovering, trying hard to think straight. Her fingers in his hair brought his focus back to her, and when she pulled him down by his collar for a kiss, he shuddered. What kind of hold did this woman have on him? Whatever it was, he thanked the moon and the stars for it.

“Did you enjoy your present, Nulli?”

“I love it.” She smiled and traced his mouth with a finger. “How long have you been planning this?”

“Since I got back.” He captured the soft digit and purred around it before setting it free. “I wanted to do something for you, but wasn’t sure what. And I needed to learn how to braid the flogger.”

“That purring should be illegal.” She licked his lips, and nipped the tip of his nose. “You’re killing me, you know that?”

“I’m killing you?” He chuckled and kissed her. “You’re not the one with a flogger sticking out her ass.”

“I can be.” She wiggled under him. “Is that what you want, kitty?”

“Dear sweet God, I’ve died and gone to Heaven!” He eased onto his side and caressed her body from thigh to breast in slow, languid motions. “I didn’t even think to ask, but damn, woman. That would be amazing. You’re amazing. Have I told you how amazing you are recently, because damn.”

“You may have mentioned it once or twice.” She grinned and nuzzled into his neck. “So do you want the flogger in my ass, or you?”

“I’d rather put something else in there if you don’t mind.”

She scooted out from under him and got on all fours. Dear Lord, she was serious! “Whatcha got, kitty?”

“The best mate ever,” he choked out. Running his hand over her smooth ass, his heart swelled. “Have you ever done this before, Nulli?”

“Done what? Have sex with my mate outside? Um, yeah.”

“Taken anything - a dildo, plug, or a cock - in that gorgeous ass of yours?” He knelt behind her and covered her skin with butterfly kisses.

“Let’s see. Yes, no, and no. Any other questions for me? And stop, that tickles!” She giggled. It was a light sound, irreverent, sweet.

“Yes, I do. How did I ever catch your eye?” He bit one smooth cheek, then lapped at the marks.

“Oh my God!” She tensed and then relaxed. “You’re hard to miss, Brian.” She crawled forward before turning around and sitting back on her heels in front of him. “I noticed your face first.” She brushed the hair off his forehead. “Then your eyes. I love how intense they are and the way they sort of softened when we talked.” She trailed her fingers down his cheek. “There’s power in your voice, even when you’re not sure about something. I liked that. You have a smart ass mouth, but for the most part, you’re sincere.”

He captured her hands and held them to his cheeks. “Then let me be sincere about something. I am sincere in the fact that I have fallen ears over tail in love with you. Not just because you are my mate, but because of the beautiful, strong, spirited person you are. I am sincere in that I will never stray again. I am your collared kitty from now until you no longer want me. And I am completely sincere in my wish to have this damn flogger taken out of my ass. It’s starting to sting.”

“See... Smart ass mouth.” She shook her head and leaned in close. “I don’t know how you ended up coming to my gym out of all the other instructors in the world who teach these programs, but I’m glad you did.” She reached behind him and eased the flogger out. “I still think you’re crazy for prowling around me the way you do. But...” She fingered the collar. “I love you too, kitty.”

When he leaned in to kiss her, she pulled back. “Uh uh. I have about forty-five minutes before the cold medicine wears off. So what’s going in my ass?”

“Nothing today, my sweet mate. I’m sure we can arrange something later.” He leaned over and grabbed the basket. “I brought you something to snack on, since you never eat enough.” The last held a hint of a growl as he pulled out bottles of water and containers of sliced fruit. “I hoped we might need the energy.”

“Do we?” She laughed and pinched his nipples. “Are we spent, Brian?”

“I don’t know about you, but I feel like I cashed out and still owe money.”

“Then let’s eat. I’ll have some of yours.” She winked and eyed the fruit.

“Of course you will!” He laughed and handed her a bottle of water before opening the containers. “Then we need to get you back to the house for more meds. Not even damn good sex will kill a cold.” He ate a slice of pear and watched a smirk form on her lips. “What?”

“Share!” She moved closer and kissed his lips, teasing them apart with her tongue and stealing a piece of the fruit from his mouth. “Not bad, kitty.”

“You’re welcome, Mistress.” He held a slice of pear in his teeth and fed it to her. “Now about that sweet ass of yours....”

“Ooh! Are we about to play catch it, keep it?” She was on her feet, a gleam of mischief in her eye. And then she was gone. How the hell could she run that fast in those boots?

Damn it all. He shifted, more amused than angry. Sure, she needed to eat. She’d definitely need to take more medicine when they got back, but for now, playing chase with his mate was his number one priority. He’d scold her later. Heaven help her when he caught her this time.


  1. *Looks for a snowbank to jump into* Lawdamercy ladies, when you turn up the heat, you turn. up. the. heat! For his sake, I sure hope Brian got that handle braided nice and smooth...

  2. WOWZA! I know I keep saying that but DAMN you ladies outdo yourselves! Everytime I think it can't get any hotter or better you manage to do it!!!