Friday, August 2, 2013

Research and Development (#11)

Maz is under the weather this week. How under the weather? She suggested naming this post, Fred's Wilty Penis. After this enlightened idea, she explained herself by saying, "No, I don't know who Fred is." Please take a moment to face south, hold up the cold remedy of your choice, and send healing vibes to Maz before Fred and his wilty penis show up unannounced.

We hope you enjoy this installment!

Over the next several weeks, Brian spent the majority of his free time searching for answers to his mate’s question. Could a bobcat shifter survive or even thrive on a vegetarian diet? As a happy omnivore and a former stray, he wasn’t knowledgeable enough to give Nulli a definite answer. He knew few shifters outside of Killian and a handful of exes. He gave the bear a call, but it wasn’t worth his life to contact the others.

It took several tries to get in touch with Killian. When the bear finally picked up, he had that happy ‘just-had-sex’ growl in his voice. The man’s stamina was a constant source of amazement to the bobcat. Still, he listened to Brian’s question and provided a couple of names and numbers of shifters to call.

Thus began his descent into madness.

The first name on the list hemmed and hawed and gave him another couple of numbers to call. The woman refused to answer outright for fear of providing an answer that would ‘prove damaging to your mate’s longtime health and happiness.’ The other shifter laughed, told him to ditch his mate, and find himself someone more suited to be the mate of a predator.

“Turning a vegetarian into a predator is like trying to teach a deer to hunt rabbits. Ain’t happening. You’re opening yourself up to a world of hurt.” The cougar offered a few more suggestions, from getting a prey-species shifter to turn his mate so they could play ‘chase’, to turning her, taking her hunting, and have her shift after she’s half-finished a rabbit in order to ‘teach her what being a predator is like.’

Brian hung up on him.

Each name and number spawned a few more, which spawned a few more, and on and on. None had the answers he sought, and several were openly derisive of the concept of a vegetarian cat shifter. After the last call, he tossed his cell phone aside, stripped, and went for a run. It was that or hunt down some of the assholes who thought his mate was somehow less worthy of the change because of her dietary choices.

He loved his cat form. The lean muscles beneath the soft fur. The enhanced hearing and sharper vision. The ground pounded beneath his paws as he dodged limbs and leaped over rocks. This form was sleek, powerful, and he wanted to see his mate’s cat. He knew she’d be a beautiful bobcat. He just wanted to make sure she would be a healthy one.

He lapped at a cool stream, sides heaving from exertion. There was another issue to consider. As a cat, her desire to hunt would increase. How would she react to her cat chasing and catching a rabbit or squirrel? His instincts were more defined when in his cat form, more dominant. It was something to consider as well as her diet. With a sigh, he cleaned the last of the water from his whiskers and turned towards the house.

It took him longer to return home than he’d planned. A rabbit darted in front of him halfway to the house, eyes wide and ears twitching. They stared at each other for a good ten seconds before the creature squeaked and darted into the trees. Never one to resist a chase, he took off after him. He felt sorry for the little bunny. He really did. It was a lovely creature, and very tasty.

He pranced into the backyard. His tail swished jauntily as he licked the remnants of his snack from his lips. He spotted Nulli’s car in the drive and slipped through the newly installed doggie door. He sniffed the air, stalking into the kitchen where his mate was mixing up a protein shake. Crouching down, he prepared to pounce.

“Don’t even think about it, kitty.” She didn’t turn around. She continued adding some kind of powder and whatever other vitamin supplement to the strange concoction in the blender on the counter.

Brian sneezed, sitting on his haunches and managing to look miffed. After watching her for a while, he padded over to his mate and wove between her legs, purring softly.

She took a drink of her shake and squatted down next to him. “Have a good run?” She scratched his ears and touched his forehead with her own. “Good gracious! What did you eat?”

His ears laid back on his head. He pawed at her hand, trying to give it a lick, but she pulled away. Giving another sigh, he stepped back and changed into his human form. “Why do you ask, mate?”

“There was blood on your whiskers.” She laughed and shook her head as she stood. “Brush your teeth, killer.”

“Oh.” He rubbed the back of his neck as the color flooded his cheeks. “Sorry. A rabbit wanted to play chase. I won. Which brings me to a question for you.”

“Guess that means you don’t want dinner, eh?” Her soft fingers pushed the hair out of his face, and she took another drink. “What’s up?”

He captured her hand and gave it a gentle kiss. “You’re not freaking out over the rabbit. I kinda expected you to get, I don’t know, grossed out by it. Even angry or upset.”

“Why? You’re a bobcat. Bobcats hunt things like rabbits. It’s in your nature. Now if you brought an animal home and asked me to stuff it or skin it for you, I’m outta here.”

“Yes, it’s in my nature. If you turned, if you decided to fully mate with me, it would be in your nature, too.” He ran his fingers over her cheek. “How do you feel about that?”

“I don’t know. Is your cat purely instinct? Can you control things like that?”

“No, then yes. My instincts are stronger when in my cat form, so it’s harder to control them. I find myself reacting first, thinking second. The rabbit ran. I chased before I’d fully comprehended what I was doing. Could I have stopped? Sure, maybe. Would it have been difficult? Yeah, I think it would have been.”

She seemed to think on his words before a small smile spread her lips. “I really want to learn more about this and ask you questions, but it’s a little hard to focus when you’re standing here naked and looking amazing.”

“Amazing? Really?” He flexed and posed and waggled his eyebrows. “I like it when you’re distracted, but I suppose I should take a quick shower, dress, and brush my teeth. Stale rabbit isn’t as tasty as fresh rabbit.”

“You have rabbit stuck in your teeth? Yuck!” She didn’t turn her nose up. She laughed and pushed him aside to open the fridge. “Steak, pork chops, or fish?”

“You are amazing and I love you and I’ll have whatever’s easiest for you to fix.” He blew her a kiss and disappeared into the bathroom. The shower started and Brian sang love songs in his off-key baritone, punctuated by roars and hisses in place of the notes even he refused to attempt. He emerged thirty minutes later wearing his collar and a pair of low-slung cargo shorts, without a hint of rabbit on his minty clean breath. “Better mate?” He grabbed her and pulled her in for a deep kiss.

“Mmm, much.” She kissed him back, deep and slow, pulling him close by his belt loops.

“You smell like love and lust and pork chops. Either that, or I’m hungry.” He chuckled and nibbled on her lips. “Should I just eat you, or check the oven?”

“Yes.” She nuzzled her nose against his. Her scent was stronger than ever, infused with all the good things he loved and more.

“Yes?” Nipping along her neck, he lapped at the healing bruise from his last bite. His mark was fading. He’d have to remedy that soon. “Yes, I can eat you, or yes, I should check the oven? Or maybe, I should check the oven, then eat you? I must admit, I like that last option the best.” He nipped her neck, then kissed along the neckline of her shirt. “The countertops are a perfect height, you know.”

“You are such a bad kitty. I cook on these counters!” She pinched his right nipple with the force he adored. “If you’re hungry for that kind of meal, turn off the oven and meet me upstairs.”

“Counters can be bleached!” He whined, backing her against one and sliding his hands beneath her shirt. His fingers traced the bottom edge of her bra as he nibbled her lips.

“Brian, do you really want me using a bunch of bleach upstairs? You’d pass out.”

“I suppose not.” He grumbled and shut off the oven. “It’d be fun, though. We haven’t baptized the kitchen yet!”

“Next time then, but not this area. I do all the prep over here.”

“The table looks sturdy enough.” He knelt down and looked at the bottom. “Might need an additional brace or two, but I think it’ll hold.” As he stood, he scooped her over his shoulder. “Ha! Gotcha! Now to run away with my prize!”

Brian took off upstairs, careful not to jar his mate. She laughed and screamed and smacked his ass with every step, which only encouraged the besotted shifter. When he reached the bedroom, he tossed her onto the bed with a bounce, kicked his shorts into a corner, and covered her body with his. Tangling his fingers in her hair, he captured her lips and purred.

“Why do you do this to me?” She pulled him closer and hooked her heels behind his thighs.

“Because I adore you.” He eased her shirt off and kissed his way along the edge of her bra. “Now, mate. You said you had questions about being a shifter. Ask away.” Reaching beneath her, he popped open her bra and tossed it into a corner. “What do you want to know about being a cat?” He lapped at her nipple, his scratchy tongue bringing it to a hard point before wrapping around it. He purred.

“This is wrong on so many levels...” Her heart raced, thumping against his mouth. She bit her lip and appeared to make an attempt at concentration. “What happens if-- Jesus, Brian, are you trying to turn me into a mute?”

“Control is needed when you’re a shifter, mate.” He nipped his way to her other breast, lapping and purring around her straining nipple. As he sucked the peak into his mouth, he unfastened her shorts and eased them down her legs. “Without control, you growl in public when angry, purr when happy, chase rabbits when a vegetarian. We can’t have that, now can we?”

He continued kissing down her stomach, inching her shorts along her legs as he went. The muscles of her belly tensed and she slid back an inch or so. The movement assisted with pulling off the remainder of her clothes.

When he licked his way back up her thighs, she hooked a finger into the loop of his collar. The next sound to greet his ears made his hair stand on end.


She pulled back, allowing him to see his leash clipped into place. “Control? Okay. Got it.”

“Are you sure, Mistress?” He pressed against her thighs, opening her up to his gaze. “Then ask your questions.” He lifted her to his mouth, lapping at her soft folds with a gentle purr. She was as exquisite as always.

His tongue rasped against her clit, teasing and pressing against it while he increased his purring.

Her moans were the siren’s song of his heart, but when she lifted his head with the leash, he frowned.

“I’m sure. Do you know how long I studied those six martial arts? Ten years. I’ve endured things you can’t even think of to get those black belts. If you want control--” She pulled the leash a bit more. “I’m the woman for you.” She reduced the tension and narrowed her eyes. “Losing control with you is something different. I don’t slip, I relinquish it because I trust you.” She gave the leash another tug, holding his head against her. “Do you really want to answer questions with your mouth full, kitty?”

“No, ma’am! I mean, Mistress. I mean... I really meant no disrespect.” He rested her legs on his thighs and ran his hands along their smooth length. “I didn’t think about your training. I only considered you as a human facing the change. I’m sorry.”

Nulli released the leash and sat up, taking his hand in hers. “It’s not a problem, silly kitty. I don’t wear the training like a badge. It’s not something I throw around. I just wanted you to know I’d take whatever you have to say seriously.” She dragged the backs of her fingers down his abs. “Okay? Are we still friends?”

“Of course, Mistress.” He caught her hands and brought them to his lips. Nipping each tip, he smiled. “I kind of hope we’re a bit more than friends, in fact. Friends generally don’t do what I’m about to do.”

“Agreed. They definitely don’t order things like the package that came in the mail today.”

“More gifts? Mate, you spoil me. You know that, right?” He kissed along her leg, stopping when his cheek brushed her soft curls, then started on the other leg. “I feel bad for never surprising you.”

“I wouldn’t say never.” She sucked in a breath and rolled her hips toward him. “Check the bottom drawer of my nightstand.

“But then I’d have to stop, and I’m just getting to the good part.” He nuzzled her curls with a soft purr.

“Maybe this will add to the good part. I’m hoping I won’t let you down. I’m still on a streak.”

He placed a kiss to her mound and another just below her navel to make her squirm. Sliding across the bed, he leaned over to open the drawer and growled. “Damn, mate, you’re trying to kill me.” Plucking the items from the drawer, he sat beside her on the bed and turned each over in his hands. “Matching stainless steel butt plugs. And they’re even engraved! You have an evil, evil mind. I love you for that, kitten.”

“What can I say? You bring it out of me.” She sat up on her elbows and pointed to the plug engraved with the letter B. “So, gonna let me watch while you put that in?”

“Did you get lube?” He leaned over to search the nightstand again, reappearing with an unopened bottle of bacon-flavored lubricant. “Nice choice. I definitely approve. As for letting you watch, I had hoped you’d do the honors?” He passed the bottle to her with a grin.

“Okay, but I want to see your face.” One long squirt, and dollop of bacon-esque scented lube rested on her fingers.

“As you wish, mate, but it won’t be graceful.” Brian laid on his back and pulled his knees to his chest. “This is the best way if you wish to see my face. We really need to get you a strap-on if you want to play like this.”

She tilted her head and scrunched her face. “Lower one leg for me.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“How do you think this will feel, kitty?” Before he could answer, she shook her head. “I want you to tell me how you think it will feel while you touch yourself.”

“Oh God.” He wrapped his hand around his aching dick and gave it a long, slow stroke. “Cold at first. The lube is always so damn cold. I swear they refrigerate that shit. Then pressure as my ass tries to reject it. It stings next.” He stroked faster with soft purrs. Precome coated his hand and made each stroke flow smoothly over his throbbing skin. “The sting that hurts so good. You want it gone but more all at the same time. Finally, a feeling of fullness like nothing else. It rubs in the most delightful places, presses on things that make my head spin and my cock so hard it hurts. Is that what you wanted to know, Mistress?”

“I’m planning to write a scene, and I need to do some research.” She scooted over. “That was very good information. Now tell me what it feels like as I touch you.”

He prepared himself for her fingers, but wasn’t prepared at all for her tongue to tease next to the tips of his own. She traced around them, teasing the shaft with her hot, wet touch. “Describe it.”

“Amazing,” he groaned, thrusting into his hand to reach her mouth. “So soft and wet, hot. So much better than my hand. It’s like a paintbrush, only instead of color, it leaves trails of erotic electricity. God, mate, it feels so damn good.”

“Keep moving your hand.” She flicked the underside of the head before applying suction to the sensitive area. Her fingers teased between his cheeks at the same time, and she increased the pressure of her mouth while she spread the lube.

“I’m not going to last long at this rate, Mistress.” He stroked his length slowly, trying to think of anything to keep from coming the moment she inserted her amazing gift. Groaning, he started checking off the grocery list, chores he’d forgotten, client’s to contact, his mother’s birthday... anything to stop from exploding.

The warmth of her mouth enveloped the head of his cock while cool metal rubbed against his anus. She sucked harder than before, and pulled back with a pop. “Keep describing.”

“May I have the strap, Mistress? Please. Or this will be a short bit of research.”

She gave him a wink, sly and full of mischief. One snap, then two, and she removed a leather bracelet from her wrist. “Whatever you say, kitty.” She wrapped the band in place and snapped it closed.

“Sweet Jesus, that feels wonderful and awful at the same time.” He squirmed beneath her hands, stroking his dick with a firm hand. “That plug is cool and hard, colder with the lube and harder than a real cock. I feel the pressure now and have to fight the urge to run away. I know it’ll hurt a little, but then it’ll feel so good. Patience,” he purred. “I just have to have patience.”

“Will it hurt if I do this?” She took more of him into her mouth and covered his hand with hers, pumping with him while she pressed the plug forward. Her head bobbed in the opposite direction of their hands, meeting his thumb and index finger with each ascent.

“Hurt? Hell, no! I mean, it stings, yes, but the pain is exquisite. I want more, harder.” Growling, he thrust into her mouth and then back against the plug. The hand holding his leg had grown claws and was kneading his thigh in rhythm with their stroking.

“Mmm.” It was all she said before pressing the plug all the way inside and holding his hand tighter. She sucked him in, pulling their hands away so she could settle at the base before lifting off. “Now do mine.”

Brian released his leg, staring at the ceiling as he adjusted to the cool metal plug. He’d had bigger, but none had been inserted in such a mind-blowing manner. He still felt the warmth of her mouth on his cock, the grip of her hand. Damn, he loved this woman!

“How--” He cleared his throat as he tried to calm his racing heart. “How do you want to do this, Mistress? Hands and knees is easiest, but... if you’re on your back, I might be able to ease any discomfort.”

She looked at the plug for several moments then back to him. “How about we do both? I can start on my hands and knees. You could warm me up with "Then flip me over for the cold stuff?”

“There are other ways to warm you up and prepare you, Mistress.” He helped her into place, folding a pillow and placing it under her hips. “You might want to melt into the bed, mate. This will slow you down a bit.” He ran his hands down her back and over her ass, then followed the path with his lips. Nipping at each cheek, he spread her thighs wider.

“So beautiful.” He dropped lower, lapping at her moist folds before inching higher. His tongue swirled around her tight anus before pressing against it. “Let me in, sweetheart.” He lapped, purred, and pressed with his tongue, relaxing the tight muscle.

As his tongue teased her ass, his fingers worked to keep her arousal high. He stroked and pinched her clit as his fingers vibrated with is deep purrs. He fumbled with the bottle of lube, coating his free hand (and part of his leg). He replaced his tongue with one well lubed finger, then a second as he nipped along her ass cheek. He hoped she was ready because he couldn’t wait to fill her up.

Coating the plug, he teased it over her skin. “It’ll be cold, but it’ll warm up quickly.” He removed his fingers and eased in the plug. “Breathe through the pain if it hurts, sweetheart.” She tensed, he paused. “Deep breaths.” She did as he said. His chest swelled with pride as the wide base settled against her skin. She didn’t pull away. She allowed him to give her the experience.  “You’re beautiful. I feel ten feet tall because you’re letting me do this, like I could jump a mountain or stop a freight train. Thank you.”

He twisted the plug, grinning at her soft moan, and eased his bound cock inside her. “Now, kitten. Tell me how you feel?”

Her breaths were deep and uneven. She held handfuls of the sheet, holding tight. “It feels...” Her hips shifted left and right before she pressed herself back toward him. “Don’t stop.”

“I don’t think I could if I tried.” He pulled almost all the way out then thrust in slowly, grinding against the plug in her ass. “You’re almost painfully tight like this. Like you’re trying to strip the skin off my dick. Heavenly.”

“More, kitty.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Oh he’d give her whatever she wanted as good as he felt. He dug his fingers into her hips and held her in place, ready to pick up his pace, until he heard another small click. One minute he was setting himself up for the deep strokes his mate craved, the next he was trying not to collapse on top of her.

The matching butt plugs were one thing. The fact that they were engraved was another, but Nulli had taken it a step further. His plug was vibrating.

“Son of a bitch!” He leaned over her and rested his forehead on her shoulder. “You really are trying to kill me, aren’t you? But damn! What a way to go.” Nipping at her shoulder, he shakily resumed his thrusts. They were erratic. The plug pressed on his prostate, humming merrily as it sapped his ability to think. The strap around his cock constricted his ability to come, also muddying his thoughts. He was devolving into a creature of pure lust. What a woman!

Finally, his brain gathered enough sense to coordinate his movements. He gripped her hips with a growl and thrust savagely into her. His claws scratched her skin as he pulled her back to meet him. He roared and set a bruising pace, using far more strength than he had risked to this point.

“Mine!” His voice was a growly purr, or a purring growl - more cat than human as he claimed his mate. They inched up the bed with each thrust until he gripped the headboard with one hand and her shoulder with the other. “Never. Letting you. Go. Ever.”

She shifted beneath him and he growled. “Mine!” He leaned over and gripped her shoulder with his teeth. His heart pounded in his chest as the pressure in his cock grew. Pleasure shot from his groin throughout his body like bolts of lightning. His vision blurred. The snaps popped free, releasing the band from his thrusting dick. Brian sank his fangs into his mate’s shoulder as he shuddered, unable to stop the wild rocking of his hips.

He supported his weight on trembling arms. His claws and fangs retracted as his breathing returned to normal. “Nulli? Tell me I didn’t hurt you, mate.” He rolled them onto their sides, pulling her flush against his chest as his hands roamed her body. He didn’t feel any obvious wounds for which he was grateful.

“I’m fine, kitty.” She spoke the words in long notes, almost like a song. “That was intense.”

“I know. I lost a bit of control there.” He caressed her hair, her arms, and along her thighs, before wrapping his arms around her waist and hugging her close. “You’re sure you’re okay? No bruising or anything?”

Her laughter was soft and her touches light as she caressed his chin. “I don’t know. They usually take a bit of time to show up, right?” After a light press of her lips against his, she pulled back and met his gaze. “Nothing I can’t handle.” She lifted a hand to his bite marks and winked.

“Sometimes I wonder if you bring out the best or the worst in me, mate.” He chuckled and brushed her cheek with his fingers. “I’ve never been that rough with a human before, and to be that rough with you worried me. I should have known you’d be able to take it, since you can kick my ass.”

“I think you let me kick your ass.” She rolled her eyes and sighed. “I’ve fallen in love with one crazy kitty.”

“Why thank you, Mistress.” Kissing the tip of her nose, he slipped from the bed. “I’ll be back in just a second. That plug will get uncomfortable before too long.”

“Come back. I’ll take care of it.” She sat up when he returned to the bed. She pressed his back into the mattress, and pulled the plug slowly from him. “Better?”

“You are evil and I love you and it’s your turn.” He pulled her down for a kiss, easing the plug out as she laid across his chest. “I can throw them in the sink if you’d like, or I can just lay here and melt into a puddle of happiness. Your call, mate.”

“Judging by the sound of your stomach, the sink and then dinner sounds like the best bet.”

“Rabbits are small, and you’re insatiable. You used up all my energy.” Grabbing both plugs, he headed for the bathroom. After a thorough cleaning, he sat the toys aside and jumped in the shower for a quick rinse. He wrapped a towel around his waist, shooed her into the shower, and went down to the kitchen to finish their meal.

"Is it hard to control yourself after a certain point? You said you lost a little of your control. How far do you have to be pushed to lose it?"

“I don’t know.” He turned away from the refrigerator, holding a bottle of beer and a pitcher of water. “I’ve never been pushed that far before. I guess I’ve never been that into it before. That’s kind of sad, actually.” He popped the cap off the bottle and set it on the table near his plate.

"Maybe it's different with mates? I was just wondering if strong emotions will send me down a hole I can't get out of."

“It could be.” He pulled the cooled pork from the oven before holding her chair. “I know that I can come close to shifting at times when I’m really upset. Small things, like claws and fangs and growling. That’s stuff that comes the easiest and is the hardest to stop, especially at the start. I remember clawing up my bed the first month after I started shifting. Whoever decided we should shift at puberty was a cruel and mean bastard with a crappy sense of humor.”

"Aww. Poor, horny kitty."

“You laugh, mate, but puberty is about more than just hormones. My moods were all over the place. I didn’t get peeved; I got furious! My mom dumped ice water on my head several times when I shifted and roared at her.”

Her face turned serious, eyes wide. "Is that going to happen to me too?"

“I promise not to dump ice water on your head.” He grinned and winked. “Seriously, though, since you’ve passed puberty, you should only have a few months where you’ll need to really watch your moods. Do you get really cranky or bad mood swings around your period? I’m not trying to be funny, but it’s something to note, is all.”

"You tell me. You been with me through a few of them." She looked down at her plate and shook her head. The only time he'd seen her really cranky was when the network wanted to change the show, but as she looked down at her food, she looked a little worried. The small wrinkles in her forehead gave her emotions away.

“As long as no more psycho exes appear, I think you’ll do fine.” He captured her hand and caressed her smooth skin. “You’ll be a beautiful bobcat, Nulli. But something else has you worried. I see that frown you’re trying to hide.”

"Cats can be temperamental. What if I'm not me anymore? What if I turn into some crazy woman? What if you hate what I change into?"

“Never.” He rose from his chair and pulled her from hers. Stroking her back, he placed soft kisses along her forehead. “The worst is in the first few weeks as your body adjusts to the changes. You’ll be achy, a bit sore, similar to flu symptoms as your body changes. But, that’s all. You’re not changing into someone else. You’ll always be you, mate. Yes, cats are temperamental, but you won’t be just a cat. My Nulli will be there, too, and she’ll be a wonderful bobcat.”

"Are we tempting fate, Brian? We've been through a lot together. This might be the thing we don't recover from if something goes wrong."

“There’s no rush to do this, Nulli.” He stared into her eyes, cupping her cheeks and brushing his lips over hers. “I love you. I will love you forever if you choose to never fully mate with me. I will also love you forever if you agree to the change. There is no third option, no other choice that will change that fact. You have amazing control. If you agree, then I know you can do this, but it has to be what you want.”

"It's not just about wanting and not wanting. I'd be changing into something new. Something different. There are a lot of things to think about. I don't want to get to the end of this road only to find out you have buyer's remorse. There would be no going back for me."

“There is already no going back for me, mate, and for that I am eternally grateful. You don’t know just how wonderful you are, do you? I’m not giving you up, Nulli. You’re mine. You collared me, now you’re stuck with me.” He guided her into the living room and pulled her onto his lap on the sofa. Their meal would have to wait a little longer. “I know there’s a lot to think about. I have always been a shifter, so I may not be able to help you in every way. The only turned human I know, you may not wish to talk to, though.”

"It's not Terry, so who else is there?"

“Melody, the bear shifter’s mate. They were starting their mating when I left. She should have had her first turn by now. I understand if you’d rather not talk to her. I can call home and see if my mom knows anyone?”

"Melody's a bear, right? Is it the same across all species?" She paused and stared into his eyes. "You'd call your mother? You're ready to tell her about me?"

“I would shout it from the rooftops if you’d let me.” Twining their fingers together, he kissed them gently. “I’ve already told my mother about you. She’s been nagging me to bring you to meet her. I wanted to make sure everything was good between us, and I had a decent job here before I subjected you to the force of nature that is my mother.”

"Force of nature, eh? Now I know where you get it." She grinned and kissed the corner of his mouth.

“I’ve got nothing on that woman, I swear. Mountains tremble before her. I’ll call her tonight, ask her a few things. We didn’t associate with many other shifters, but she has her ways of finding information. The FBI’s got nothing on her.”

"Thank you."

“Anything for you, mate.” He cuddled her close, kissing the top of her head. “Anything else?”

She smirked and squeezed his hand. "Wonder how you'll deal with the purring?"

“Damn. You are determined to kill me!” Chuckling, he stood and carried her back to the kitchen. “Now eat, woman. I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling I’m going to need my strength!”


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    1. I blame Nulli for that one! I think it may have been mentioned in passing and she kinda went with it.