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Adjustments (#15)

We wrote this post without quite as many plans to fly to Mars and leave humanity to implode on itself. There were moments, but not as many. I'm sure there will be more later. You know where to send the money if you want off this rock with us ;) As for the story, well, there are times I feel sorry for poor Brian. His world was turned on its ear when he met Nulli. He loves it but it does present its challenges. Such as discovering just why his mate melts when he purrs.


Brian woke to the unique and beautiful sound of his mate’s soft purrs. She lay pressed against his side with her nose buried in his neck. He brushed his hand through her hair. Her chest vibrated against his. He felt the gentle rumbles along her spine. He was fascinated and aroused and enslaved. Was this how she felt about his purrs?

It was done. They were fully mated. His purrs joined hers as he pulled her closer.

He inhaled her new scent, a mix of her human’s floral earthiness and her cat’s spicy musk. Nothing had ever smelled as good. Or as tempting. He planted a multitude of tiny kisses over his mark. His hands brushed over the smooth skin of her back. He pulled her even closer with a soft growl.

Last night, he saw a brief glimpse of her cat in her golden eyes. Their bright color against her glorious mocha skin tone were even more beautiful than he’d hoped. They captivated him, enchanted him. They possessed all of a cat’s curiosity in that brief glimpse. They possessed him. He couldn’t wait to see them again.

He eased her onto her back, covering her body with his. Sliding his hands up her side, he clasped her hands and held them over her head. His purrs grew in volume as she moved beneath him. He kissed his way from her cheek to her lips and teased her awake.

“Morning mate.”

Nulli inhaled deep and long before lifting her head just a bit. She sniffed him, and her eyes changed. A tantalizing smile spread her lips as she stared up at him, testing his hold. “You smell different.”

“I smell the same,” he corrected with a smile. Leaning down, he stole a brief kiss. “The change has enhanced your sense of smell. Perhaps that’s semantics, but...” He shrugged. “How do you feel?”

“I feel a little weird. But you do smell different. It’s like--” She frowned and inhaled again. “It’s like something inside me knows the answer, but I don’t know what it is.” Her amber gaze drifted to his neck and remained there. “I like it.”

“Your cat is being very chatty. That’s good.” He lapped each nipple with a purr, then kissed his way to her neck. “You smell different, too. Like freshly tilled soil and fragrant flowers. Like warm spices and sultry musk. I want to roll in your scent. I want to cover myself in your essence. I want to taste you all over. I want you.” He nipped at her healing bite as he growled the final three words.

And then he was on his back, his mate hovering over him, sniffing at his throat. “What is this, Brian?” She licked a trail over his adam’s apple and to his jugular. “I’ve never felt this hot.”

He tested her grip on his arms. Her strength, already impressive as a human, matched if not exceeded his own as a shifter. A smile teased his lips as he gazed into her amber eyes. “I’m your mate, sweetheart. Your unclaimed mate. I don’t think your cat likes that too much.”

A small growl rumbled through her and she narrowed her eyes. “You are mine.” She lifted a hand from his arm and grabbed him by the collar. “Are you testing me?”

“Do you want me to?” He trailed his fingers along her arm. He couldn’t seem to stop touching her, didn’t want to. He wanted to claim her again and again, then have her claim him. He purred. “I could, I suppose, but I’d need full access to your gorgeous body  to make sure you’re alright.”

“Access?” She leaned in close before raking her teeth against his shoulder. “Oh my God!” She pulled back as if she’d burned herself before covering her mouth with a trembling hand.

His arousal was immediately tempered by confusion. When she got off the bed, he sat up and tried to read her expression. “Nulli? Kitten? What’s wrong?”

Gone was the sultry seductress. In her place stood a woman who looked almost afraid. She didn’t answer him, and instead, shook her head as she backed away.

Brian moved to the edge of the mattress and held out his hand. “Come here, sweetheart. Please?” He debated rising, but didn’t want to frighten her further. He hated seeing fear in her eyes. “Let me see what’s wrong, okay? Whatever it is, we’ll work it out. You’re beautiful. There’s nothing you could do or become to change that.”

When she huddled against the wall, he rose. Keeping his hand out, he inched towards his mate. “Are you hurting? Hungry?” She shook her head, hiding her face behind her hands. “The forest is quiet today, but if you listen, you can hear something foraging in the leaves. You will learn to block out background noise. I promise.” Another step forward. At least she hadn’t tried to flee. His eyes roamed her body, looking for injury or any sign of distress. He kept his voice low, soothing, with just a hint of the rumbling purr she adored. “You purred last night. Do you remember? It was so beautiful and--”

Nulli growled low in her throat, crouched, and pounced. He caught her against his chest, but she swept his legs from beneath him and followed him to the floor. He was momentarily stunned, giving her a chance to straddle his thighs and pin his wrists. He squirmed. She hissed. He watched her fangs elongate to press against her bottom lip. He moaned.

“That’s sexy as fuck!”

As she sniffed along his neck, her growls turned to throaty purrs. They vibrated his wrists, wrapped in her claw-tipped hands. They vibrated his thighs captured by her strong legs. They reverberated through his neck as she learned his scent. He wanted to melt into the floor. His dick wanted her to melt onto him. He purred louder.

“There’s my beautiful kitten.”

Her head snapped up at his rumbling voice. She growled deep into her chest and transferred his wrists to one hand. He struggled again. He wanted to touch her, needed to feel her soft skin. She hissed, tightening her hold on his arms. As she gripped his collar, her claws brushed his neck. He tilted his head back, submitting to his mate. With a growl, she sank onto his hard cock.

He exhaled on a low purring moan. “Kitten, please let me touch you.”

She rode him hard and fast, a blend of purrs and growls rumbling from her throat. Her golden eyes flashed in the dim light. Her arms pinned him to the floor.

It was incredible.

The vibrations of her purrs wrapped around his dick, adding a level of pleasure that threatened to rob him of his sanity. Her muscles gripped him, her warmth caressed him, and those damn purrs enhanced it all. No wonder she loves the purring!

He planted his feet and met her thrust for thrust. It was hard. Bruising. Exhilarating. It wasn’t making love. It was barely sex at all. It was animalistic rutting, and he was in heaven. Wrestling an arm free, he cupped a swaying breast and pinched her nipple. She threw her head back and hissed. Her breathing hitched. A flush swept over her body, and he felt the first flutterings of her approaching orgasm. He smoothed his hand down her back, increasing the strength of his thrusts.

She freed a hand to grip his hair, pulling his head to the side. “Mine.” Her growl vibrated along his chest as she leaned over him. His purrs escalated when he felt the tips of her fangs. He hissed when they pierced his skin. Her body shook with her release, gripping his thrusting cock like a vibrating fist.

His breath caught. Darkness swirled before his eyes. He held her hips and roared as his orgasm washed over him.

Gasping, he petted his beautiful mate. He stroked from her shoulders, along her back, over her hips, then back up in a constant circle. Her teeth remained embedded in his flesh. His dick remained nestled in her sinful warmth. He was an extremely happy and contented kitty.

“I love you, mate. Thank you for claiming me.”

She pulled her teeth from him with gentle force and looked down at him with a hand over her mouth. “Holy--I bit you!”

“And I’m very glad you did.” He tucked a curl behind her ear then pulled her down for a tender kiss. “You did amazing, too. Perfect location for a mating mark.”

“It is? I don’t even know why I did it. I just, I sort of reacted.” She burrowed into his neck and rubbed her fingertips just below her bite. “Does it hurt?”

“Wonderfully so.” He wrapped his arms around her waist with a sigh. He kissed the soft curls tickling his chin. “It aches a bit, but nothing major. You claimed me as yours, kitten. I guess this means you’re really stuck with me now. Your cat has claimed me as your mate.”

“I thought we already established that you were stuck.” Her light laugh rocked her body and she squeezed around him at the same time. “Mine, remember?”

“Most definitely.” He inhaled her scent on a deep sigh. “Though I do wish you would have let me get onto the bed first. Pouncy female!” He chuckled and pinched her butt.

“I, uh. Didn’t really plan that. How long will I be so... You know. Wild?”

“Can I hope for a few years?” He hugged her to his chest as he sat up. Though his knees shook, he managed to stand with her wrapped in his arms. He laid her on the bed and covered her with his body. “Seriously, though. I don’t know. We have a week here at the cabin to work on it. If you’re not able to resume your job after that, we’ll work on it more at the house.”

Nulli breathed deep and moved her gaze to the window. “I hope we get it sorted soon. I don’t think the club members will appreciate me leaping at them.”

“You won’t.” He gently turned her face back to him. He brushed his lips along her cheek, her nose, and her finally her mouth, coaxing a soft purr from her throat. “Now that we are fully mated, all of your sexual instincts will focus on me. That makes me one crazy-happy kitty.”

Her small smile and the increased beating of her heart sent a wave of warmth through him. “I think I can live with that.”

“Excellent. Now. I have a few questions for you, my sweet kitten. First off, how do you feel? Any tummy cramps, or odd aches or pains?”

“I’ve gotta tell you, my stomach isn’t too pleased with this new diet. As far as the rest goes, I feel warm, but my joints feel a little achy. Everything’s tingly.”

“Good. You may not be happy with it right now, but that sounds pretty normal.” He stole another kiss, nibbling down her neck. “Mind telling me what spooked you earlier?”

“It was my teeth. I could feel something happening with them, and I really, really wanted to bite you. It was the craziest burst of feelings. I was afraid my teeth were about to fall out, I wanted to bite you, and at the same time, I wanted you so badly I could taste you. I was all over the place.”

“I wish I’d known what to expect. I’d have prepared you better for it.” He sighed. With a final kiss to her neck, he raised up to look into her eyes. “I can only guess, really. I think the scare with the teeth was when your fangs first dropped. Sexy as hell, let me reassure you. If you ever feel the urge to pounce and I’m busy or being a clueless ass? Drop those fangs and I’ll fall at your feet in a puddle. As for the urge to bite?” He shrugged with a smile. “We’re mates. You’ll have that urge a lot at the beginning.”

“In the beginning? You’ve been biting me for months, kitty!” The soft pads of her fingers pressed into him, tickling his ribs while she laughed.

“Yup. This is still the beginning of forever, right?” He chuckled and pulled her from the bed. “I don’t want you to growl or hiss at me, but... time for food. Your body has had a very stressful twenty-four hours. It did wonderfully. Your change went smoothly. You now have fangs, beautiful eyes, sharp pointy claws, and the sexiest purr ever. I think it deserves a reward for being such a good sport, don’t you? Give it a meal.”

A sly grin played across her lips while she stared up at him. “You still smell really good.” She leaned in and inhaled. “This does something to me, makes me want to do things to you. Lots of things.” Looping her arms behind his neck, she brought their mouths together for a deep kiss. “Can’t we eat a little later?”

“Oh you evil, evil woman,” he murmured against her lips. “I love you. You know I do. So much it hurts, in fact. But...” He reached back and grabbed her arms. “This is lesson one in control, sweetheart. Eat first. Then pounce.”

Her expression changed, hardening as a growl resounded in her throat. She gripped his collar and walked forward, effectively backing him up. Herding him. When his back pressed into the wall, she opened her mouth, showcasing her fangs with a loud hiss.

“Nulli.” His heart pounded in his chest. He wanted to give in to her cat’s urge to mate again. He felt his cock stir, willing to give it another try. Groaning, he gently grabbed her wrists. “No, kitten. Eat first. You need to shift, sweetheart. That’s probably why you’re feeling so achy and pouncy. If you don’t fill up on protein - no, not that kind, you evil woman - you will give in to instinct and catch a rabbit or a squirrel. You don’t want that. I don’t want that. So, you need to eat.”

She pushed her head forward and licked a line around her bite on his neck, alternating between purrs and low growls.

Brian leaned his head against the wall and closed his eyes. When he reopened them, he returned her growling hiss with one of his own. His fangs had dropped, and his claws rested against the tender skin of her wrists. “Nulli!” He gave her a small shake when her eyes remained focused on her bite. “Look at me. Where’s that infamous control you told me about? Dial it back a notch, sweetheart.”

Her gaze met his eyes and she blinked rapidly. The amber deepened to brown, and she shook her head. “Jesus!”

He maintained his hold on her wrists, but let his fangs recede. “Very good, kitten. You did great. Brunch?”

Her chest rose and fell with heavy breaths. “Do you know what I was about to do? I feel like a--” She squinted before a look of surprise washed over her face. “I’m a predator. A sexual predator. Lord have mercy, I really am out of control.” She tried to tug her hands free, but he held on. “Let go. I need to move around.”

“You were a predator as a human, but you are not a sexual predator now, you crazy kitten. You are a newly mated, newly turned shifter with wild hormones and urges you’ve never had to deal with before.” He tugged her closer. Wrapping his arms around her waist, trapping hers behind her, and pressing her body fully against his. “I’m sure you can feel my reaction to your so-called predatory advances. It’s definitely not one of fear or disgust. My reaction could even be fueling yours. I know smelling your arousal makes mine even sweeter.” He released her wrists, but kept his arms around her waist. “No running from things, Nulli. Anything that upsets you, scares you... you have to tell me. Please.”

“I wasn’t running. I just felt like, I don’t know, like I needed to walk. Preferably back and forth very fast.”

“Your cat wants out. You need to shift. Unless you want a small, furry snack, you need to eat and soon. You won’t be able to stop your instincts if you’re really hungry.”

“Okay. Shower then food. Sound like a plan?” Her voice held a hint of disappointment, but her eyes maintained their color.

“You shower while I cook. How about one of those open omelet-like thingies you like?”

She chuckled and rubbed her thumb in small circles over his cheekbone. “It’s called a frittata, and that sounds good.”

“Excellent.” He pointed her body towards the bathroom and smacked her lightly on her butt. “Go. I’ll make a huge frittata-thingie, and you’re going to eat it. No growling either, little miss attitude.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize my father had stopped by.” She winked and stomped toward the bathroom like a petulant child. “Commencing bathing ritual, daddy. Nulli’s a good girl. Will you up my allowance?”

“Nulli.” His fangs brushed his bottom lip as his voice dropped to a growl. The little girl routine appealed to him more than he expected. He had the urge to put her over his knee, blister her bottom, then fuck her until they both screamed. He needed to get out of this room. “You really should shower now, mate. Like right now.”

She growled back, still marching away from him. “Of course.” Another growl. “I don’t want to be grounded, do I?”

“Sweet baby Jesus, woman! Stop that!” He wrapped his hand around his erection, willing it away. Closing his eyes from the sensual sight of his sulking, pouty, and delectably naked mate, he leaned against the wall. “I am not your father or daddy but dammit, Nulli, you’re pushing my control. You need to eat. You need to shift. I need to make sure you do these things.” His eyes popped open and he pushed away from the wall. He stalked towards her, purring and stroking his cock. “Instead, all I want to do is to paddle your ass, then rut like a pair of horny bobcats.”

She didn’t stop, but her growls changed to purrs. “How horny are these bobcats?”

“Insanely. They also bite and claw each other. You bit me this morning, mate. Maybe it’s my turn?”

Nulli froze before dropping to her hands and knees. When she wiggled her ass and looked over her shoulder, he was nearly undone. “On the floor or on the bed?”

“Dammit, mate.” Brian groaned. Did she know what she did to him? What he wanted to do to her? He ran his hands over her ass, up her body, and to her shoulders. “You are a very naughty kitten.” Trailing his claws down her back, he left faint red trails on her skin. They faded within seconds. “Naughty kittens get punished.” Gripping her hip with one hand, he landed a loud smack onto her right ass cheek. The outline of his hand glowed red. Rubbing the mark soothingly, he purred.

Nulli whipped around in a flash. Her small hand gripped his collar and pulled him close. “You don’t get to play without permission, kitty.” She kissed him, pulling his bottom lip between her teeth.

“I believe you gave me that permission, mate, by wiggling that delicious ass at me.” His purrs blended with his growls as he freed his lip and captured hers. He tangled his hand in her hair, ravaging her mouth with a hiss. “Naughty kitten. God how I love you.”

She joined in with his purring before gripping his shaft with a vibrating hand. “Naughty? Me?” Her warm lips nibbled a path to his neck while she pumped his length with slow strokes.

“Yes. You.” He tugged her hair, bringing her lips back to his. He took his time exploring her mouth. Tasting her. Teasing her with his tongue. Nipping at her lips with the tips of his fangs. His growls faded to steady purrs as he thrust into her hand. “You destroy my control, kitten. You’re so bad. A bad, naughty, amazing kitten.”

He turned and pressed her against the wall. Gripping her thighs, he picked her up and lowered her onto his waiting cock. “Never, ever going to get over how wonderful you feel.”

Her head leaned back against the wood paneling and his gaze immediately went to his mark. “Brian...” Her breathy voice called out his name like a song. A song filled with need while the air around her was infused with her aroma. When he looked into her eyes again, the amber was back, along with her fangs. “Fuck me hard, kitty. Make me come!”

A smile curled his lips as his cat rose to meet hers. He pulled her legs around his waist. Curled his hands around her thighs. He lapped her neck then bit. His fangs held her in place, pressing but not piercing her skin. His cock eased from her warmth, then surged forward. He growled. The force of his thrusts rattled the framed paintings on the wall. It was raw. It was fast. It was glorious.

Her purrs drove him onward, urging him to give her more, harder, deeper. A painting fell onto the floor. The windows rattled. He growled vigorously as his fangs scraped her tender skin. He reached between them and stroked his thumb over her clit. His balls drew tight. He was so close he was shaking. When she fell over the edge, he quickly followed and reclaimed his mate with his bite.

His thrusts slowed as he lapped at her neck. His growls softened to gentle purrs before a chuckle shook his body. “You are too tempting for words, mate.”

He looked on as her eyes changed back and her fangs retracted. Her face flushed, and she dropped her gaze. “I really am out of control, aren’t I?”

“You’re perfect, mate. Never believe otherwise.” He nudged under her chin and smiled. “I’m not complaining at all. I have the hottest woman on the planet pinned to a wall, and I won’t even go to jail for it!” He waggled his brows, as her legs dropped from his waist. “You’ve been a shifter less than twenty-four hours. Give yourself a break, okay?”

“I’m trying to get used to this. It’s so different." After a few breaths, her voice calmed. "I feel everything in extremes. I’m trying to find the middle ground.” She rested her forehead against his. “I’m lucky I have you with me. I love you, Brian.” She pressed the softness of her lips into his, grounding him. “As for that hottest woman on the planet business, you’re crazier than a bag of wet cats.”

Tilting back his head, he released a joyous laugh. “Eye of the beholder, sweetheart, and I’m eyeing all of you. As much as I’d like to keep eyeing you, you need food. So, go and become one of those wet cats before we never leave this room. I’ll take a quick shower in the guest bathroom then fix breakfast or lunch or whatever we’re having.” He stepped back with a sigh, running the back of his fingers down her cheek. “Sometimes I don’t like being sensible. This is one of those times.”

“At least we don’t have anywhere to be. We can have all the wake up and roll over sex we want while we’re here.” She gave him a quick kiss and moved toward the bathroom. “We can talk about why my vision keeps shifting while we eat, okay?” She didn’t close the bathroom door, and started the water right away.

“Promises, promises.” He grinned and grabbed a pair of shorts from his bag. “Oh! Don’t sit in the chair near the window in the living room without checking under the cushion. The clock is still in time-out.”

He left the room, whistling. He took a quick shower in the guest room, using mostly cold water in an attempt to calm his raging libido. With a towel around his shoulders and his shorts hugging his hips, he walked into the kitchen. He chopped most of the veggies before leaving their home.

His mind drifted to his friend while he worked. Killian had clued him in a bit on the acceleration in their lust, but he’d assumed it was because Killian was, well, Killian. He’d have to apologize to the crazy bear.

As he cracked the eggs for the frittata, he shook his head. His mate was going to kill him when she saw how much food he made. Or growl. Or maybe even purr. He loved her purr. It washed over him like a warm blanket in winter. He wanted to snuggle against her and just listen. He smirked. No wonder she practically crawled into his skin when they cuddled. They were going to end up as tangled as a pretzel.

He set her dish in the oven and fried up a couple of strips of bacon for himself. She thought she was out of control, but he was proud of her. She handled the change better than some he’d heard of. She seemed happy. That was all that mattered. Everything else would work out.

“Brian, can you come up here, please?” Nulli’s tone was elevated and filled with urgency.

Turning off the burners, he darted up the stairs. His heart pounded in his ears. “What’s wrong, kitten?” He found her in the bedroom, dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, pacing the floor with her hands at her temples.

“I don’t know. My skin feels so tight and itchy. I keep getting this dizzy feeling. I don’t know what’s going on.” She locked eyes with him and wrinkled her eyebrows. “Is this normal? I’m not going crazy am I?”

“You’re not going crazy, mate.” He rubbed her arms, feeling the heat of her skin. “What you’re describing sounds a lot like how I feel if I go a long time without shifting. Since you haven’t had your first one yet, I think your cat is getting impatient.” He kissed her forehead, smoothing away her frown. “Breakfast is ready if you are. Once you eat, we’ll see that beautiful cat of yours.”

Her body went rigid and she shut her eyes. “I don’t think I’m ready, Brian. I don’t want to change.

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  1. Sweet! Nulli is a bad kitty - too funny for words! I want pictures if Nulli "bobcat" Arcady please! :-D